Free Congress Foundation Fun Fact No. 1: Nazis Welcome!

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Free Congress Foundation Fun Fact No. 1: Nazis Welcome!
by Celeste Harrison

The Free Congress Foundation has announced that on May 4 it will be sponoring an event to honor Tom DeLay and the house managers for "their heroic efforts" in the impeachment process.

Doesn't it seem strange that a group would applaud the house managers, when the majority of Americans view their efforts as a hypocritical embarassment to both the House and the Senate, and a shameless partisan manipulation of the impeachment process?

For any other group, it would be strange--but not for the Free Congress Foundation. How much do you know about this group?

Here's our FCF Fun Fact of the Day: The Free Congress Foundation has had a convicted Nazi collaborator on its staff; a man who was forced to resign from the 1988 Bush campaign when his past became public knowledge.

Laszlo Pasztor actually served a prison term for being, during WWII, part of a Hungarian pro-Nazi group, the Arrow Cross (like the German Nazi Party, only in Hungary). His prison term also related to Pasztor's, during WWII, being a member of a Hungarian diplomatic delegation to Berlin after the Nazis installed the pro-Nazi Arrow Cross as the government of Hungary.

In an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 09/16/88, Pasztor was reported as being a "volunteer" at the Free Congress Research & Education Foundation. However, Pasztor had an internal telephone number at FCF (listed as extension 48 as of 01/21/90) and calls to the FCF main number were routinely connected through to Pasztor. Pasztor himself stated that for several years he generally worked in the FCF office complex Tuesday afternoon through Friday.

According to Pasztor, the FCF gave him office space for his work with the Paul Weyrich sponsored Coalitions for America, and that he routinely provided to Weyrich written reports of his activities. Weyrich at the time was president of FCF and national chair of of Coalitions for America. It is noteworthy that a Coalition for America brochure used a photo of Pasztor to illustrate the work of the Liberation Support Alliance.

Pasztor's history with the GOP goes back before the FCF, however. When Pasztor came to the U.S. in the 1950s, he joined the GOP's ethnic unit, and later became the leader of the Nixon-Agnew campaign's ethnic unit. The ethnic unit was only active during election campaigns and, according to Pasztor, Nixon told him that if he won the election, he would form a permanent ethnic unit within the GOP. True to his word, after Nixon won, Pasztor was made the organizer of the the Republican Heritage Groups Council, and is considered to be one of its founders.

According to Russ Bellant, noted New Right researcher, it is difficult to get the names of the these ethnic federations' directors and "it required attendance at the Republican Heritage Group Council convention in May of 1985 to learn the names of the federation leaders. It was the convention that Reagan was addressing at the Shoreham Hotel.

"Some Republican Heritage Groups Council delegates were reluctant to talk; others were unstoppable. A pattern began to emerge from the conversations--that in setting up the Council, Pasztor went to various collaborationist and fascist-minded emigre groups and asked them to form GOP federations. It eventually became clear that it wasn't an accident or a fluke that people with Nazi associations were in the Republican Heritage Groups Council. In some cases more mainstream ethnic organizations were passed over in favor of smaller but more extremist groups. And it seems clear that the Republican National Committee knows with whom they are dealing. Reviewing the federations illustrates this point." (Russ Bellant, Old Nazis, the New Right and the Republican Party)

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