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Paula, Let's Talk About Gilbert Davis
by Jeff Koopersmith

Tuesday, June 10th, 1997 -- NEW YORK (APJP) -- Paula Jones couldn't have been more careful in choosing her counsel.

In case you've forgotten the stellar reputation of Paula Jones' attorney, Gilbert K. Davis, let me remind you of an AP story picked up by CNN a few months ago.

It seems an old buddy of mine, feminist and feminine attorney Gloria Allred, was advising a client, Ramona Hines, when Hines showed Allred a videotape of Attorney Davis.

The videotape, made in a Roanoke, Va., hotel room shows a heavyset man reclining in a chair, laughing and raising a glass to his lips. Hines and attorney Gloria Allred say the man is Gilbert Davis.

"That is what you want to do," the man says. "Take all your clothes off and expose your body."

Davis, according to sources, said he was drunk when the tape was made. He allegedly claimed that he was helping Hines to appear in Playboy magazine and representing her in a sex discrimination suit against her former employer.

Now, Davis, who filed the suit against President Clinton on behalf of Paula Jones, may be paying the price for his own irresponsible action.

Hopefully we'll find what he once said about Paula Jones also applies to Hines: "The truth will out here," says Jones attorney Gil Davis, optimistically. "If she's [i.e. if Paula Jones is] not telling the truth, well, shame on her."

Hines said she made the tape when she met with Davis to discuss a lawsuit he filed for her against a television station that had fired her.

Here's the kicker: Gil Davis, if you can believe this, is a candidate for Attorney General of Virginia.

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