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Sadly, The Kings Finger LBJ
by Jeff Koopersmith

Friday, June 20th, 1997 -- Dexter Scott King has undone himself in suggesting that Lyndon Johnson must have been part of a conspiracy to kill Dr. Martin Luther King. Dexter, the son of Dr. King, has been one driving force behind the re-examination of the role played by convicted King assassin James Earl Ray.

The King Family
Conspiricy fans will love this latest thickening of the plot. And Ray's attorney, William Pepper, would be dancing with glee had he not been mortified by ABC's Forrest Sawyer last night. Pepper, who is egging on the Kings, alleges that one Billy Eidson was the leader of a government unit ready to kill Dr. King. Pepper said that Eidson himself was assassinated, suggesting a coverup. Unfortunately for lawyer Pepper, Mr. Sawyer introduced him to Eidson on camera -- alive and well!

The Kings have been successful in obtaining court approval for new ballistics tests on the rifle linked to Mr. Ray and the King murder. Now the family is urging President Clinton to appoint a commission to investigate the King assassination once more. Joining them in the request is Andrew Young, a former top aide to Dr. King, ex-delegate to the United Nations and the Mayor of Atlanta.

Perhaps this is a good idea.

But now Dexter King has suggested that the plot to kill his father was headed by US Army intelligence, the CIA and the FBI, and that Mr. Ray had nothing to do with the assassination.

Ray, who originally confessed to the killing, later recanted that confession blaming his original lawyers who, he claims, pressured him to admit guilt to avoid the death penalty. Ray is now seeking a new trial.

Lyndon Baines Johnson
It is profoundly sad to witness the King family resort to what might seem to be wild accusations against Lyndon Johnson, the President most responsible for implementing race-sensitive programs and laws in America this century.

While one could make a giant stretch to believe that some few in the FBI and the CIA might have preferred to see Dr. King eliminated, it seems to me that a suggestion that King's death would benefit LBJ is just plain absurd.

The Kings have made several interesting and shocking revelations regarding Martin Luther King's murder. These allegations have some merit and should be fully investigated.

Perhaps the lack of directed response from the White House and Congress thus far have frustrated the Kings into creatively upping the ante to focus public attention on their plight.

I understand.

But the Kings should take heed of what happened to leading conspiracy theorists who focused on the Kennedy assassination. Although they could have been right, they were largely branded as wackos.

Dexter King, a formidable black leader, might do well to stay clear of allegations that seem all too easily refuted -- or risk being labeled as a kook himself, thus destroying the essential goal he seeks: a new look at what could be a monumental miscarriage of justice.

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