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Does Canady Have Something to Hide?

December 18, 1998 -- WASHINGTON/NEW YORK -- Earlier this week, an anonymous source dropped a line to American Politics Journal:

    I don't have evidence and don't care to hurt anybody, but I hate Canady and know that he did have an affair. Her name is Sharon Becker and she was involved with the League of Women Voters in Polk County back when he was in the Florida House. She was married to an older prominent man named Bob Becker... She left her husband for awhile because of Canady but went back to him, but they are now divorced. And Canady has the nerve to say Clinton is selfish.

When one of our writers replied to the email asking for more information, the source replied:

    I have known about it for several years from a very reliable source. I don't care to have my name dragged into it... I have kept quiet about this, but I get really tired of Canady up on his high horse. Funny thing about it is that many people who went to school with Canady always thought that he was gay.

The latter speculation -- regarding Canady's alleged sexual preference -- has been circulating in Florida political circles for a very long time, according to a number of sources. In 1996, Canady married an elementary school teacher from Lakelend, Florida. His wife is expecting their first baby within a month.

We attempted to contact both Robert and Sharon Becker. Robert Becker did not return our calls, and in response to questions by one of our reporters this morning before 9 AM, Sharon Becker claimed she was in the middle of a meeting at home and said "Please leave me alone... I have no comment."; a follow-up call from another of our writers yielded a one-sentence reply: "I have no comment."

And according to one of our sources, when Canady first ran for US Congress in 1992, he was a state legislator, as was his opponent, Democrat Tom Mims, Canady told Sharon Becker that Mims was a well-known womanizer around and about the Tallahassee area. Mims spoke with one of our writers this evening and said "I had heard a bit of it, but I don't know the details of what he was saying."

The Washington office of Charles Canady was contacted well in advance of the publication of this article for comment, but did not reply with any comment of their own.

Updated 9:30 PM

    -- The Editors

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