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Letter to the Editor
On Peggy Noonan

To the Editors
April 25, 2000

Peggy Noonan, a woman who asserted that dolphins magically guided Elian Gonzalez to the shores of Florida as an act of God -- and that everything else surrounding the Gonzalez soap opera follows from that fantasy -- tells us that it is irresponsible not to speculate.

I am happy to indulge her.

Have you ever heard a more affected, phony and studied voice than Noonanís? Her voice is reminiscent of coached Hollywood starlets. It is that breathy, soft, vulnerable sounding, child-woman voice that is calculated to seduce.

That child-woman voice seems a cover for the vulgar politics that Noonan espouses.

In the midst of self-serving images of religiosity, Noonan blasts Clinton and invokes Reagan as "the last great president."

Surely, Noonan is not so stupid that she hasnít noticed the mountain of evidence about Iran-Contra. Surely she knows that her "last great president" helped perpetrate the torture and deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in South and Central America. Surely she knows that during the same time that drugs were being brought into the inner cities of America to finance Reaganís horror. Surely she also must know that Reagan was incapacitated during his presidency.

Noonan uses the occasion of a child being returned to his father to wax hypocritically. Did Ms. Noonan ever give a thought to the children in South and Central America that were thrown in the air and bayoneted? Did she ever give a thought to the children that were impaled on barbed wire fences in front of their parents? Did she ever give a thought about fetuses cut out of pregnant womenís bellies? Did she ever give a thought about American crack babies?

All of these atrocities were backed and funded by Noonanís "real man," Reagan.

The great unanswered question, of course, is this: Why is Peggy Noonan such a liar? Her insupportable spin tells you a lot about who she really is. She is a member of the privileged class. After all, the most important men in the world have spoken her trite, twisted words. Has anyone ever figured out what "a thousand points of light" really means yet?

Noonan belongs to a class whose main objective in life is to maintain their privilege. She uses her skills and talents to emotionally provoke the unwashed massed in order to manipulate them for her own class aggrandizement. There is no other earthly excuse for Noonanís putrid punditry. The exploitation of religious symbols in her argument only proves that she will stop at nothing to get the masses frothing. It also speaks volumes about her own spirituality. Only a self promoting child-woman vampire would be so unethical and un-spiritual. Noonan spits in the face of religion when she employs Thanksgiving and Easter to exploit her own class interests.

No doubt, Peggy Noonan will never tell us why she does such things. She must be really frustrated that her child-woman voice hasnít been able to seduce another one of her self-approved men into the presidency. Sheís got no voice now, and she is feeling the effects. She has been reduced to reporting self-induced psychedelic dreams in order to get her face on the media. She has seized the day of her psychosis to further her face time by invoking religion.

Peggy Noonan is indeed a sorry mess.

--Ann A.

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