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Michael Rectenwald Accepts George W.'s Challenge
Founder and Chair of Citizens for Legitimate Government accepts Former Texas governor's challenge to have some company on his four (or longer) mile run!

August 11, 2001 ( -- Recently, Mr. Bush, who is a 58% White House resident, and 42% vacation-going fisherman, jogger and golfer, posted a challenge to reporters through his aide, Mr. McClellan, that he might allow company on one of his routine four mile runs, "if there are a couple of reporters that think they can keep up with him."

Well, while I am a writer and an academic, and not a reporter per se, I do operate a website and frequently write articles that are published on ours and other political websites. I am also in training to run a marathon. The question is, given my training, can Mr. Bush keep up with me!?! I hope to "jog" his memory about a few things, if he has the guts to run with me.

As I feel that I meet the qualifications of Bush's implicit challenge of being both a writer and a runner, I am accepting his challenge to run with him on his Crawford Ranch, or wherever else he chooses. I can run at any earthly temperature. In fact, given Bush's policies, I am preparing to run under ever-increasing temperatures. I accept!

Please publicize my acceptance of his challenge far and wide. I want to ask the Mr. Bush a few questions and to write a story.

(I will pass security checks, unless being an avid Democrat and progressive liberal disqualifies one, as it did when, during the Reagan/Bush eras, the FBI kept files on all even mildly liberal activists).

Let me take the Bush running challenge, please!


Michael Rectenwald
Founder and Chair
Citizens for Legitimate Government

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