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February-November 2001

Palm Beach Post, 11/18:
Gore won. Period.
Palm Beach Post, 11/12: 6 of 9 scenarios, including 3 that most comply with Florida law, give Gore clear victory!

As predicted, the corporate press manipulated it in an effort to undermine the truth: "[f]ormer Vice President Al Gore won the state [of Florida] decisively.

The truth conservatives COULDN'T spin in 2001...
HOT! 11/18 Palm Beach Post Gore won. Period.
11/12 6 of 9 scenarios, including 3 that most comply with Florida law, give Gore clear victory!
Paul Lukasiak details Gore victory
Recount rebel tells all -- Gore won with just one county recounted!
The case against Katherine Harris
10/12More on the Media Consortium's shameful cover-up of Gore's clear Florida victory
10/2 FLASH: Inside source at news consortium handling recount reports "former Vice President Al Gore won the state [of Florida] decisively"; news consortium fears releasing results.
9/9 Guardian: Souter: Given one more day, court might have ruled against Bush 
8/9 Palm Beach Post: Harris was DOUBLE-REGISTERED to vote!
8/9 Boston Globe: Harris used office to help Smirk election bid
8/9 Washington Post: Report demands Justice investigate election theft
7/15 How members of military committed felony and voted more than once
| House "Mangler" Steve Buyer's criminal complicity in the theft of the election
7/15 Jeb's phone records indicate involvement in Florida recount fraud | ...and he lied about his involvement
7/15 Did the GOP use "racial profiling" to quash absentee ballots by blacks?
6/1 Post continues to beat around Bushes on Florida election theft
5/14 Did the Miami Herald intentionally screw up their own analysis?
5/9 More ballot theft!
4/20 Suppressing the Gore vote in his home state
4/12 The Nation: 200,000 disenfranchised
4/3 Miami Herald: GORE would win under Bush rules -- Palm Beach and Broward tossed valid Gore votes -- and there are still uncounted votes!

"Had all canvassing boards in all counties examined all undervotes, thousands of votes would have been salvaged in Broward County, Palm Beach County and elsewhere long before the election dispute landed in court -- and the outcome might have been different, The Herald found.
"In that scenario, under the most inclusive standard, Gore might have won Florida's election -- and the White House -- by 393 votes, The Herald found. If dimples were counted as votes only when other races were dimpled, Gore would have won by 299 votes."

Theft of the Presidency:  totals updated as the numbers come in
3/14 Salon
3/13 AlterNet: Jim Crow goes to Tennessee!
3/10 Palm Beach Post: Harris certified bogus total
2/16 Salon
2/10 Orlando Sentinel
...and did Gore win in Tennessee?


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