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Why the GOP Senate Isn't Likely to Heed Calls to Probe the Plame Leak
by Tamara Baker

Oct. 23, 2003 -- SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA (apj.us) -- Strange, it is, how our So-Called "Liberal" Media (thanks, Eric Alterman!) will get much more wound up over consensually-applied Democratic semen on a dress in the White House, than it will over high treason committed by Republicans in that very same building a few years later.

When Bill Clinton's former lover Monica Lewinsky was cornered and attacked and humiliated by Starr's inquisitors, the media obsessively assisted in the humiliation, and actively helped the GOP Congress at trying to run Clinton out of office -- because having sex with a cute woman in the Oval Office was oh so eeeeeevil.

But this same US media is not quite so obsessed at garnering and publicizing every detail when an actual crime is committed by a Republican in the White House.

In July, CIA undercover operative and spymistress Valerie Plame-Wilson was outed in an act of high treason by Bush White House members, and her spy network in the Middle East destroyed, at an untold cost in intelligence (not to mention the safety of Plame's contacts). The media would never have bothered to cover it at all, had not the CIA itself stepped in twice, in July and September, to press the issue.

And now, it looks as if the CIA -- or at least some retired members of that agency -- are trying a third time.

Larry Johnson and Jim Marcinkowski are asking the Senate Intelligence Committee to start its own investigation into who in the Bush Administration leaked the identity of Valerie Plame.

Johnson and Marcinkowski are both Republicans -- in fact, Johnson used to work in the First Bush's White House -- so there's no question of their doing this as a way to aid the Democrats. They, purely and simply, want to see justice done for their comrades.

However, while these gentlemen may be Americans first and Republicans second, I'm afraid that's not how the Senate GOP delegation operates. These folks are, 99.9% of the time, Republicans first and Americans second. They are not going to cross BushCo -- not unless they are forced to do so.

So let's help force them, shall we?

Go to http://www.senate.gov and look up Pat Roberts' website. He's the guy on the relevant committee.

You know what to do.

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