A Nation at War

Showing Those Pearly Whites for the Right
by Scoobie Davis
©2004 Scoobie Davis Online -- Reprinted with permission

Dec. 29, 2004 -- SAN DIEGO (Scoobie Davis Online) -- On Tuesday , I asked readers of my blog to guess where I got the graphic to the right of this paragraph. I'll give you the answer later.

For those of you who have not visited my blog, Scoobie Davis Online, it chronicles my thoughts -- and I have a lot of them -- some of them frivolous, a few of them very serious. One of the things I hope shines through from this site is my ardent belief in being true to yourself. Money rocks but if you sell your soul to get it, it's a bad deal. Media people who have sold their souls (i.e., media whores) pay a high price for not being true to themselves.

However, the issues go beyond the tragedy of the loss of authenticity to the whore. What has occurred in today's media culture is that media people who have either sold their souls (or have no souls to begin with) not only hurt themselves but society in general (click here, here, and here for more on the pathological dynamics of media whoredom). There are only two letters difference between the terms "media hack" and "media hacker" but there is a world of difference in their meanings. It's the duty of media hackers to expose media hacks, their lies, and their phoniness.

One of the things about contemporary media and political whoredom that I find particularly disturbing is how members of minority groups identify with their oppressors in order to further their own personal fortunes and agendas. Quick examples include the refusal of the Catholic League to repudiate anti-Catholic author Jerome Corsi and much of the Jewish right's unwillingness to repudiate the recycled anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of Pat Robertson.

That's why Hindus rock. When Pat Robertson and the Southern Baptist Convention came out against Hinduism, the response by American Hindus made me proud. They collectively told Robertson and the SBC to take their religious bigotry and shove it up their butts (though they did it in a more delicate and constructive manner).

Those of you familiar with this phenomenon won't be too surprised to learn that I got the bigoted graphic from Tammy Bruce (her web site can be found here), a Fox News Democrat who is also a lesbian.

Let me flesh out the meaning of the graphic a bit more. The graphic is not only bigoted, but it's strictly bush league. The suggestion that blue state guys are flamboyant sissies and that red state guys are rugged individualists is based on mythology and marketing. The Marlboro Man is an obese, impotent, red state welfare queen who winds up looking like Roger Ailes by the time he turns 50.

Bruce's attitude isn't surprising considering her favorable characterization of George W. Bush as 'a cowboy.' Bush isn't a cowboy: he's a pussy. Dubya has been pushed to the front of the line his entire life. He believes in sacrifices -- as long as someone else does the sacrificing. He's willing to cozy up to demented cult leader Sun Myung Moon, but if Jenna and Barbara were married in one of Moon's mass weddings and then forced to use the Holy Handkerchief, Bush would squeal like a stuck WASP pig.

Let me further distinguish Bruce's internet slur from other forms of gay-baiting. I (and no doubt many others) have always sensed an air of they-doth-protest-too-much in a lot of the attitude of many professional gay-bashers and tough-talkers (e.g., I imagine that the steroids shriveled the gonads of The Gropinator to the size of garden peas considering all his talk of "girlie men", his boorish treatment of women, and his half-dozen or so Hummers).

This is different: this is an out-of-the-closet lesbian spreading messages that mock and trivialize a group of which she is a member. Her motivation? I can only speculate. Write Bruce at heytammybruce@yahoo.com and ask her.

Also ask her if she gives Ailes a lap dance for her FOX News paycheck.

Scoobie Davis is a San Diego blogger, surfer, TV host, pundit, media hacker and critic, and legendary party crasher. Check out his blog -- drop him a line at .

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