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Melinda Pillsbury-Foster talks with APJ's editor-in-chief Gene Gaudette about Neocon Sociopathy, the John Fund debacle and the future of Congress

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Hot Headlines, November-December 2006

Dec. 2
• Good Riddance, For Real: Out Go the Congressmen, Down Come the Plaques As Defeated GOP Crooks Are Driven From DC
• Freeper Chad Castagana Indicted For Sending Threatening Letters To Olbermann, Pelosi
• AP: House Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi has chosen Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-TX16), a Border-Patrol-agent-turned-congressman to lead the House Intelligence Committee
Next House Intelligence Chairman, Silvestre Reyes, Opposed War: Appointment sends strong signal | Is Silvestre Reyes the right choice to chair House Intel Commmittee?
• Former US Ambassador Khalilzad on Iraq: Recommendations are moot, "The United States has lost its capacity to shape the events on the ground[in Iraq]"
• Miserable Failure Sinks In: U.S. Rethinking Iraqi Unification Goal
Defense nominee Robert Gates's business ties raise concerns | The rise of Sadr: Meet the new boss | The ISG: What Are They Supposed To Be Doing? | White House to reject any broad policy changes in Baker Commission report -- even though they haven't even seen it yet | Murtha Raises Alarm Over Study Group, Warns "Kissinger Came Out With The Same Type of Thing"
HOT POLITICS -- DC vote bill stalls in lame duck Congress | Democrats Plan Heavy Early Agenda | Gingrich Prez campaign advisor: My guy has no chance | Kerry to postpone decision on 2008 run | Eric Foner; Bush 43 is the wrost president even | Obama Jokes About Presidential Run on TV | Sen, Evan Bayh To Form Presidential Exploratory Committee Next Week | We are all Hippies now | Big Government in Action: Yes, We Need It
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- The new chief of the U.S. General Services Administration is trying to limit the ability of the agency's inspector general to audit contracts for fraud or waste | N.H. GOP Settles Phone-Jamming Lawsuit | When it comes to Pelosi, GOP loves indulging in eliminationist rhetoric | Illegal Immigration Hardliner Mitt Romney Hires Undocumented Workers To Tend His Lawn | Meet the Investigators: Democratic Senate lions, Carl Levin (MI) and Patrick Leahy (VT) | Congress Defers Iraq Victory Celebration | Greenwald: DC tries to save its reputation | Well-known GOP activist held in sex-predator sting | House Conservatives Push Fringe Abortion Measure Instead Of Vital Budget Bills | New Gov Likely Committed No Crime, NV Police Say
QWAGMIRE -- Robert Fisk: Bush is in denial | Condi Rice Lies Again, Falsely Claims That Iraqis Don't Believe They Are In A Civil War | Truck Rams Into Crowd Of People In Iraq, Killing About 20 | Triple car bombing kill 40 Iraqis | Corruption: Iraq's "second insurgency" costing $4bn a year | Is Bush Opening a Backdoor to Tehran Through al-Hakim? | Ten Media Fallacies about Iraq | "Shambles at Defense" awaits Gates | Leaks Galore On Iraq
TRAITORGATE -- Court Records May Preview Libby Trial
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- If You Can't Find a Real Controversy: The Right Wing's Media Demonization of Keith Ellison | One thing our media never acknowledges is that conservative pundits play under a total separate set of rules than liberal pundits | American Speculum, Scarborough echoed George Will's dishonest attack on Sen.-elect Webb | Media Mea Culpa: Hurricane Season Passes Without Incident, But Why Is Williams Apologizing? | Wake up, Dave! Shuster failed to challenge Corker when he blamed "independent" groups for ads run by his campaign and the RNC | Lawrence U student on his Fred Phelps documentary | George Will's creative editing
FOX WATCH -- Billo Strikes Again! al-Reilly says Iraq is "not [in] a civil war... they're all Muslims ... doing what they do" | FOX News arrogantly... er, boldly has declared that it will not use the phrase "civil war" to describe the current violence in Iraq | Joe Scarborough calls out Billo for calling NBC the anti-Bush network
BIG-BROTHER-GATE -- Barrage of Suits, Probes Threaten to Unmask NSA Program | Leahy to scrutinize traveler screening | Sen. Patrick Leahy, incoming Senate Judiciary Chairman, pledged greater scrutiny Friday of computerized government anti-terrorism screening | Is the Motion Picture Association of America secretly spying on your phone records? | Firms must save all e-mail, chats
BORDER BUNGLES -- "Third World" Tom Tancredo Holds fast
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- Blue State: Bush/Kim Korea deal in works?
DISASTROUS RESPONSE -- Storms knock power out for 500,000+
HOMELAND HIJINKS -- US Gov't Traveler Terror Ratings Draw Outrage | Hacker cracks Navy war college system
ELECTION THEFTS -- Feds: Paperless Voting Machines Insecure | Federal Agency Faults Voting Machines
JUSTICE WATCH -- CQ: Outgoing Specter will hold gavel tightly until bitter end | Supremos to review faith-based charities | Whoa, Duuude! Supreme Court To Hear Bong Hits 4 Jesus Case
OH, GOD! -- Tribes bar Westboro Christianist extremists from funeral | Pundit Admits Forcing Congressman To Swear In With Bible May Well Be Unconstitutional
RACISM IN THE USA -- Talk radio hoax reveals anti-Muslim bigotry
ENERGY SCANDALS -- House Republican leaders agree to vote on an offshore drilling bill | Big Oil revs up its PR machine | House GOP leaders scramble to send compromise offshore drilling bill (read; gift to Big Oil) to floor for vote next week
HEALTH DEBACLES -- Dramatic teen pregnancy drop in US due to birth control
TRASHING NATURE -- Pro-Conservation Trend Sweeping Formerly Resistant West

Dec. 1
• Must-see TV: Keith Olbermann has a few choice words for Newt Gingrich, an enemy of fundamental Constitutional rights
HOT POLITICS -- Iowa Dem Chair: Hillary Clinton Not Laying Presidential Groundwork | The Incredible Shrinking GOP | GOP’s Moderates Vow to Retain Influence -- and Change Party’s Direction | KY-Gov: Chandler Says No to Rematch | "Guerillalike" John McCain Invades Potential 2008 Prez Rival Romney’s Territory At GOP Gov. Convention | GA-Sen 2008, AL-Sen 2008: Kos hears Senate rumblings already | No surprise; Condi Rice, discredited architect of Iraq mess, rules out presidential bid | NC-08: Kissell concedes, announces for 2008 | Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) begins to screw up his Prez campaign big time | How the Foreign Policy Consensus Protects Itself: The newly anointed saviors of Iraq
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Why is one accused Orange County (GOP-ville) serial child molester still free and awaiting trial after nearly four years? | Ex-mayor pleads guilty to 243 felonies | "Let Them Eat Cake:" Bush Returns From (Failed) War Summit...First Lady Unveils Holiday Reception Menus | Harpers exposes another Bush appointee with conflicts of interest | Dollar Bill Jefferson (D-LA2) Takes Out Ad, Claims He Has Never Taken a Bribe | Grab the Popcorn and Watch In Texas GOP Lobbying Firms Forced to Preen as Dems | Bob Gates & Locking You Up Forever | Hearings on Bush Crimes Will Unite Nation | Prelude to impeachment? Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter: White House will defy Democrats on security | Outcry over pensions for ousted, convicted Reps. | Sen. Charles Schumer seeks inquiry into GOP tactics surrounding deceptive MD voter guides | Hubris: Abu Gonzales Can’t Name A Mistake He’s Made | Focus of FBI Probe, Mollohan May Oversee FBI Budget | Rep. Steve King (R-IA) exposed as yet another GOP liar | Army tricked into buying golf balls | Judge OKs $4 million phone jamming suit against GOP
BIG-BROTHER-GATE -- U.S. 9/11 civil liberties panel has no power | Greenwald: Rule of Law 101 and Neoconservatism | If you travel abroad, you may have been assigned a number rating your likelihood to be a terrorist or criminal | The Bush Regime, denial of habeas corpus and due process rights
QWAGMIRE -- "He’s the right guy": After his gang leaks memo saying Maliki is incompetent, Bush defends embattled Iraq sock puppet | Bush talks nonsense about situation in Iraq | Huge Iraq spending bill to test Democrats -- will they grow a spine and de-fund Bush’s war? | More evidence of US cozying up yo Iran: Bush Admin Considering Ending Reconciliation Efforts With Sunni Insurgents | Bushfluffers milled at hillside crosses marking fallen soldiers | WaPo: Iraq Study Group sees US out of iraq by early 2008 | Bob Gates may not be on fast track to War Secretary job | Bush Kneecaps Iraq Study Group, Says There Will Be No Graceful Exit From Iraq | Vietnam, Iraq, and the M word | Gates, Hadley: More of the Same | 16 Taliban killed, two commanders seized in Afghanistan | U.S. helicopters fire in Baghdad, heavy clashes | Sen. Clinton wants Army to investigate casket mishandling | Iraqi pols abandon Maliki left and right, Shiite and Sunni | Maliki says (his de facto boss) Moqtada al-Sadr is "not a big problem" | Daily Show: US in Iraq until 2045 | Bill Clinton: Iraq fits the normal definition of a civil war | To Heck With Friedmans -- Our Khalilzad is Up
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- Terror! Terror! Terror! Fear! Reuters: Al Qaeda Planning Grinchy Cyber-Attack Against US Stock Market, Banking Websites On Friday | Fear! Terror!... or maybe not... Feds: Cyber Threat Not An Immediate Danger | Growing suspicion anti-Putin syndicate may be behind Litvinenko and Gaidar poisonings | Russian rogue agents involved in poisoning? | ABC News: Radioactive Substance That Killed Russian Spy Easily Available On Internet | Former Russian PM may have been poisoned too | Brits now saying 12 sites have been contaminated with radiation
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- US furious at senior State Department analyst’s public shame over Bush and Blair
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- Right-Wing Bloggers Wrong About AP Story - Will They Apologize? | Update: AP Replies to New Claims Against Disputed Story -- Iraqis Say They Will Now Monitor Media | Froomkin: Time for journalists to call bullsh!t | Conservatives Are Wrong On Everything: "When you point out their infinite wrongness they gang up and attack you; in lieu of facts, attack is their mantra" | Savage Tourette’s? The Wiener doth protest too much | PBS’s NOW: Minding the Media | Pot calls non-kettle black: Megalomaniac Murdoch’s minions mealymouth misrepresentations, example 1,287,609 | The self-fashioned political swamis at ABC's political unit decree "politically, American involvement in the Iraq war is over" | Right-Wing Radio Host Hugh Hewitt Fabricates Controversy To Attack First Muslim Congressman; Left- and Rightbloggers Blast Hewitt | Talk Radio Shakeup: Ed Schultz moving to Franken/Limbaugh time slot -- will Franken depart for MN Senate run? | Conservative Columnist George Will Gets bad Case of Vapors, Pretends Jim Webb Showed "Calculated Rudeness Toward Another Human Being" Rather Than Family Values In Letting Bush Jr. Know He Cares About His Son
FOX WATCH -- Howard Dean in Canada: "Won’t FOX News Hate This!" | Dennis Prager eats a bowl of Zombie brains | Grab the Popcorn! Barney Frank and Billo Square Off | MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough labels Billo’s attack on NBC over "civil war" decision "insane" and "insulting" | Billo Momentarily Joins War Against Christmas, Says His Show Is Gearing Up "For The Holidays"
$MIRKONOMICS -- Dollar plummets against UK pound
UNFUNNY BU$INE$$ -- WSJ: Kerkorian Sold Entire Stake In GM | No Santa for the Walton clan: WalMart’s worst holiday in 10 yrs
TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION -- Exxon Mobil CEO Miffed That His Company May Have to Pay Fair Share in Taxes
ELECTION THEFTS -- FL-13: officials unable to explain most of problems in test | This time, Florida’s voting problems may lead to real reform | FL-13: Officials Continue Search for Human Error
JUSTICE WATCH -- Justice Scalia just does not care: "I Don’t Want To Have To Deal With Global Warming, To Tell You The Truth"
OH, GOD! -- Jimmy Carter On Evangelicals: "Some Christians...Believe A Certain Interpretation Of Revelations, That In My Opinion are Quite Weird..." | Is Billo copping Rushbo’s stash? O’Reilly, appearing on 666 Club: Catholic Church "very silent in the culture war"
ENERGY SCANDALS -- FL will divert Citgo highway customers
HEALTH DEBACLES -- Faith groups: let AIDS victims die | Clinton Foundation Negotiates Deeply Discounted AIDS Medicine To Treat Children

Nov. 30
• Senate Dems urge special US envoy to Iraq
• Bush agrees to "speedy turnover" (whatever that means) in Iraq at truncated summit with Maliki
• That dinner of Bush’s that Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki blew off? It was actually a "summit," not just a simple dinner |
• Colin Powell: Bush Should Stop Denying That There Is A Civil War In Iraq
• al-Sadr allies quit Iraqi Government over Bush meeting
• We are not making this up: a direct link between mental illness and support for President Bush
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Yet another Republican Christianist pedophile (though not yet in rehab) | Court: Ex-IL Gov. George Ryan Free During Appeal | Halliburton to pay $8m for bilking military | Congressman Ken Meek (D-FL17) tries to figure out what to do with that giant Republican Rubber Stamp | Crusading Dems Mean Big Profits for Corporate Defenders
BIG-BROTHER-GATE -- FCC shuts public out of talks | No, Really, We’ll Investigate Ourselves. It’ll Be Fine | Subdivision Board Resigns After Trying To Ban Peace Wreath In Colorado
HOT POLITICS -- Schumer to paper: Reaganism is dead | The momentous 2006 elections signaled the emergence of a younger, bluer America that could reshape politics for years to come | GOP faces awful truth, begins bleak, ignominious retreat into the minority | Bill Frist pulls out, not running for President | Newsweek: Like a petulant pre-teen, Bush is unwilling to change | TIME Magazine Lists Bush’s Five (Only Five?) Fatal Mistakes in the Middle East | Pentagon Developing Plans To Send More Troops To Iraq Meat Grinder | Iowa Gov. Vilsack Set To Kick Off Presidential Campaign | Bush, Rove being ripped by their own over choice of Melle-Mel Martinez for RNC Chairweasel | Why you should love Sen.-elect Jim Webb (D-VA)
QWAGMIRE -- Newsweek: Iraq Study Group (read: James K. Baker III) report won’t solve anything | In leak to NY Times timed to coincide with Bush-Maliki meeting, Iraq Study Group will recommend gradual pullback of troops | Americans see civil war in Iraq, want to withdraw | Bush and his puppet are each trying to scapegoat the other as the cause for the utter disaster in Iraq. Talk about poetic justice. | Administration Plans To "Let ’er Rip" In Gigantic New Emergency Spending Bill For Iraq | Heckuva Job Maliki | Iraq Panel Reaches Consensus; Results Will Have to Wait Until Next Week | Experts question proposals in leaked Iraq memo (translation, as Josh Marshall interprets it: Stephen Hadley hasn’t a clue) | Iran, Iraq Reach Security Agreement | Iraqi City Shut Down In Fierce Violence | The horror that is Darfur
WAR CRIMES -- 11 EU nations knew about CIA rendition flights | Boeing Called "Travel Agent" For CIA Torture-Transfer Flights
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- Matt Taibbi: "Murder on Polonium Express" | Radiation Found On Two British Airways Jets In Connection With Poisoned Russian Spy Investigation | U.S. Pays $2 Mil to Settle Oregon Terror Arrest Suit | Al Gore: I would have heeded 9/11 warnings
BORDER BUNGLES -- Carlos Espinosa, spokesman for Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO6): Miami is "as bad as any ghetto in any Third World country"
FAULTY INTELLIGENCE -- Good news, for once: GOP Sen. Pat Roberts May Be Leaving Intel. Committee
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE --On eve of summit, White House leaks memo trashing al-Maliki | Bush and maliki meet at last: looks like everyone is getting along so well (not) | US Says To N. Korea: No More Luxury Goods! | US State Dept. Official On Tony Blair, British: "We Typically Ignore Them And Take No Notice" | Bartlett Spins Cancelled Maliki Meeting, Claims It "Was Going To Be More Of A Social Meeting Anyway" | Iran President’s not terribly statesmanlike letter to Americans: US rules by coercion, force | Bush Had Been Scheduled To Meet Iraqi Leader in Jordan Today
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- War Of Words: Media Frenzy Over How To Say "Civil War" | The Associated Press Hits Back At The Military, Warbloggers, Stands By Story of Iraq Immolations | Defense Dept and right-wingers claim, falsely, that story of Iraqis burning each other alive is fake | Right-Wing Attack On Pelosi Over Alleged Union "Hypocrisy" Systematically Debunked | Fmr Insurance Exec Under Investigation Preparing Takeover Of NY Times Company | Delusional el-Brent Bozell suggested vast majority of generals "disagree" with NBC that Iraq is in "civil war," but cited none who have specifically denied it | Stewart: "Argentina, Former Safe Haven For Nazi War Criminals Is Drawing The Line At The Bush Twins" | San Francisco Values Sound Fine to Us
FOX WATCH -- Sidney Blumenthal on Rupert Murdoch’s debasing taste and corrosive influence on the public discourse | Watch this! More FOX NEWS foolishness | Cue laugh track? The "Democrat Plan To Diminish FOX News?"
UNFUNNY BU$INE$$ -- Ford: 38,000 workers accept buyouts
TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION -- Blog: Rangel will keep tax cuts for rich
ELECTION THEFTS -- Texas Seeks Approval of Election Date -- a date opposed by a Latino civil rights group because it is a religious day for many Hispanics | Ohio County May Junk E-Voting Machines | FL-13: B.S. test still showed serious problems | FL-13: Audit Run Brings Intriguing Results
JUSTICE WATCH -- Al Gore takes a swipe at Justice Tony Scalia on Jay Leno | 1 In 32 American Adults In Jail, On Probation Or Parole At The End Of Last Year | Supreme Court divided over landmark global warming case
OH, GOD! -- Boo-hoo-hoo: Republicans to lose their Bible-study room in the Capitol | A very healthy culture war is brewing in the religious right | Extremist Evangelicals Don’t Want Obama To Speak At Church
ENERGY SCANDALS -- Falling oil supply means price jump
HEALTH DEBACLES -- "Fetal Pain" Bill: The Last Feeble Quack

Nov. 29
• 1,245 Secret CIA Flights Revealed by European Parliament
• Judge strikes down Bush's authority to designate groups as terrorists
• How snotty and arrogant is George W. Bush? Check out this exchange he had with Senator-elect Jim Webb about his son, stationed in Iraq
• Pentagon Considers Surrendering al-Anbar Province to Insurgents, Moving Troops From al-Anbar to Baghdad
The Iraq Study Group: Official damage control and cover-up | Accept defeat by Taliban, our "ally" Pakistan tells NATO | Saudi Arabia's involvement could expand Iraq war into regional mess | Iraqi Leader: This Is Worse Than A Civil War | Pelosi: It's sad that Bush is blaming sectarian Iraqi insurgent violence on al Qaeda | Iraq & the Onset of War Weariness | Bush to push al-Maliki to stop violence-- despite the fact this war was Bush's idea in the first place | Bush Dismisses Significance of Recent Violence In Iraq: "We've Been In This Phase For A While"
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- A Fraud Worse than Enron: Tricking America Into War | Money Talks. People? Zip It. | Cheney Shuts Down Sections Of Florida Interstate To Go Hunting | Darth Cheney's Power-Hungry and Secretive Roots | Iran/contra: 20 Years Later and What It Means | Another laptop with personal info stolen | Bush's $500 Million Library: Shouldn't We Know Who His Megadonors Are? | Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL23): "Sorry, haters, God is not finished with me yet." | Texas "ethics": worse than Florida? | For New RNC Chair, Abramoff Problem To Worsen? | LA-2: Corrupt "Dollar Bill" Jefferson resorts to gay-bashing
BIG-BROTHER-GATE -- A tool has been created capable of circumventing government censorship of the web, according to researchers | DoJ Suddenly Decides to Investigate Domestic Spying | Peace wreath woman won't be fined | White House Sock Puppet Panel, Miming Oversight on NSA | IG Letter Announced NSA Wiretapping Probe | Jeffrey Toobin smacks Arlen Specter for his habeas corpus about-face
HOT POLITICS -- Pennsylvania Goes Blue: Dems Win Control Of State House For First Time In 12 Years | Majority Leader Reid: No more do-nothing Congress -- his Senate is going to work | Obama to Join Democrats in New Hampshire | OH-2: Wulsin Concedes to Lunatic Jean Schmidt in Ohio | Wes Clark Wants to Avoid Late Campaign Start | IN-06: Barry Welsh | Sen. Reid: Ethics, Stem Cells Top Agenda | CQ: Alcee Hastings to Drop Bid for Intel Chair | Senator Elizabeth Dole goes begging for cash to shore up loser NRSC deficit | 2008 Prez Hopeful Gingrich Opposes Freedom Of Speech
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- Poisoned Spy Said He Smuggled Nuclear Material Out Of Russia
FAULTY INTELLIGENCE -- The end of the Epic Harman-Hastings Drama
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- For some reason, nobody wants to work with Condi | Now, isn't that interesting! Who IS the Boss? Contrary to Previous Reports, Cheney Was Basically Summoned By Saudi Crown Prince | Bush Twins Update: One Leaves, One Stays
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- Olbermann to hold Dems accountable too | Right-Wing Bloggers Were Wrong About AP Story - Will They Apologize? | The First Law Of Michelle Malkin | Time Warner Head Dick Parsons On Running For Mayor Of NYC: "Why Would I Rule That Out?" | Michael Ware speaks, you listen: CNN's Baghdad reporter says Iraq is embroiled in "civil war," but rest of network is still hedging | Brent Bozell, unhinged | Meet Ed Rogers, weasel and wingnut | Net neutrality bill to pass in the 110th Congress? Well, maybe not... | Horrors! Stephen Colbert Catches The Bushies Lying With His TiVo
FOX WATCH -- Fox News's Steve "Dookie" Doocy: Islam turned violent" and "proved the pope's point" about "Islam and violence" | And we bet he's miffed! Sean Hannity is an indirect donor to the American Civil Liberties Union | FOXpert Bob "Boob" Kohn claimed Bill Clinton "didn't have his facts straight" during FOX News Sunday interview, but Kohn was the one misrepresenting the facts | O'Reilly Misfires In War-On-Christmas Attack On Crate & Barrel
$MIRKONOMICS -- Wall Street's worst day in 4 months
UNFUNNY BU$INE$$ -- San Diego bans Wal-Mart superstores
ELECTION THEFTS -- FL-13: Testing, Testing & A Junk Sale To Boot
TRASHING NATURE -- Americans treat Great Lakes like a toilet
GAY IN AMERICA -- There is a gay agenda -- winning elections

Nov. 28
• Better late than never: NBC News declares Iraq qWagmire a "Civil War"
What next? NBC To Refer To Bush As "That Lying Little SOB"? Sounds About Right to Us! | NBC decision is direct defiance of a White House hell-bent on catapulting the propaganda | Dana Priest: WaPo won’t use words "Civil War" because Iraqi government does not use it (read: they are in denial too) | NBC, CSM, LA Times Tell Truth While Most News Organizations Buckle To White House Pressure, Won’t Call Iraq Civil a Civil War | Uh Oh... Wurlitzer Down! Wurlitzer Down! | Dan Froomkin on the press: It’s a Civil War, Stupid | Does this make NBC News management a bunch of crazy hippies? | Will The Rest Of The Press Admit The Truth?
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Subject of FBI probe tells of ties to defeated Rep. Curt Weldon | Judge orders Coingate crook Tom Noe to pay back $13.7 million | Meet the Mole: Marshall Wittmann | FL-08: Another dishonest Republican breaks promise to voters
BIG-BROTHER-GATE -- Atlanta Police To Review No-Knock Policy | How Dick Cheney Created a Fascist Dictatorship in America | AP: Justice IG to Probe Use of NSA Data
HOT POLITICS -- What If Congressional Republicans supported Impeachment? Guess What? It Is Not So Far-fetched! | Likability Poll -- Top Republican: Giuliani...Top Dem: Obama...Bottom Republican: Frist...Bottom Dem: Kerry | 109th Congress Punts Nine Spending Bills, May Be In Session Just Four More Days | LA-02: Will voters still bet on "Dollar Bill" Jefferson -- or dump him like a bad penny? | Examining Bush’s prospects for the next two years -- conciliatory or not | A half-billion dollars to secure a worthless legacy | Vilsack to Face Prez Challenge on Home Turf | Harris: President Bush’s approval ratings fall to second-lowest of his presidency | The rise of Iran is the final blow to any hope for a Bush legacy | GOP 2008: To The Right, The Right! | CQ Analyst Craig Crawford: Rummy’s "leaving is just the beginning" -- suggests Cheney may be next | Mighty Wurlitzer fails again: Nancy Pelosi polls higher since she became Speaker-Elect | OH-02, NC-08, TX-23, LA-02, OH-15: comprehensive updates | How the 50-state strategy worked for Democrats in North Carolina | The Republican suburban strongholds are no more | Bush Library Courts Wealthy Heiresses, Arab Nations, Captains of Industry To Polish History (sorta like polishing a turd...)
QWAGMIRE -- Bubble Boy Bush: Iraq Is Not In Civil War | Violence in Iraq at its worst level yet | The Cheney-ites play their card, claim Hezbollah is arming Mahdi Army | US cannot stop insurgency in Anbar province where "Al Qaeda In Iraq™"is major force | Watch this! Michael Ware explains Iraq to Kyra Phillips | Bush to Pressure Allies Into Paying for More War, More Death, More Carnage, More Instability | Congressional Leaders (Finally) Are Critical of the Way Bush Has Handled Iraq | Impeachment Hearings for Bush & Co.? How about War Crimes Tribunals | Steve Gilliard: "The fact is that the Iraqi government could come apart by the weekend" | Attack Sparks Fire at Iraq Oil Facility | Newt Gingrich’s prescription for success in Iraq: "Victory or Death!" | Desperate Diplomacy: Bush Goes Overseas To Plead For Iraq Help | Gates arrival being delayed for Rumsfeld? | Bob Herbert: While Iraq Burns | Britain Expects To Withdraw Troops By End Of 2007 | Apparently the majority opinion on Iraq in the public and in Congress is extremist
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- State-sponsored terrorism in London? Polonium now detected at Berezovsky’s UK office | Gatorade, anthrax note shut down Lincoln Memorial
BORDER BUNGLES -- Biden: Blame Immigration Woes on Mexico
FAULTY INTELLIGENCE -- About the media’s sudden intense interest in the House Intelligence Committee | Harman’s own words don’t help her case for chairing Intel Committee
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- In face of concerns about their safety, Bush twins snub US embassy officials in Argentina | Good riddance! Senior Rice aide Philip Zelikow resigns from post | U.S. Embassy asks Bush twins to leave Argentina
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- Undoing favorite GOP media memes: who’s unhinged now? | "The primary question facing America’s pundit class today is how to avoid responsibility for the situation in Iraq, which is almost certain to get much worse over the next two or three years" | Matt Drudge Blows It: Latest Attack On Gore’s Global Warming Stance Falls Flat | WaPo’s war on Social Security | US networks challenge ruling on TV decency | The Daily Show’s Alternatives To Saying "Civil War"...Faith-Based Melee, Internal Sovereignty Challenge | WaPo claimed Bush’s "opening message since the election has been one of conciliation" -- but ignored partisan maneuvering | On NPR, Lanny "Dino" Davis repeated ridiculous 1992 Democratic convention claim | Joe Klein embraces defeat | More Paid Propaganda fueled the Miami Herald stand off
FOX WATCH -- O’Really? Billo falsely claimed to have "coined the term ’San Francisco values’" | Barney Frank gives Chris Wallace a rigorous verbal bitch-slapping for asking biased questions
WHAT A RUSH! -- Popping Oxys again? Limbaugh on Middle East: "Fine, just blow the place up" | 24 Actress Mary-Lynn Rajsku: I’m Not Dating Rush Limbaugh
$MIRKONOMICS -- Wall Street’s Worst Day In Months | Fact: Raising The Minimum Wage Will Spur Job Growth In Illinois
UNFUNNY BU$INE$$ -- How multinational corporations avoid paying their taxes
$OCIAL IN$ECURITY -- Remember Social Security?
ELECTION THEFTS -- AP Says FL-13 Election Is a Meltdown | Florida’s voting problems are a national disgrace | FL-13 Update: State Audit to Begin, But Dems See Flaws
OH, GOD! -- Surprise! Supremos refuse to hear case, in effect upholding Maine law that prevents vouchers for religious schools

Nov. 27
• Joost Hiltermann, Middle East director of the International Crisis Group think-tank, on Iraq: "The state has collapsed"
Nothing Unexpected from the Iraq Study Group | Sunni, Shiite, Kurdish Leaders Plead For End To Violence On National TV | Bombings push Iraq closer to abyss | GOP Lawmakers Lose Patience With Iraq Government | Brzezinski: Baker Commission Will Offer "Some Procrastination Ideas" For Dealing With The Crisis | Three U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad | Iraq president to fly to Iran | They lied their way into Iraq; now they are trying to lie their way out | On campuses, more indifference than opposition to Iraq war | Crowd Stones Iraqi PM's Motorcade
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Accused Duke Cunningham briber Brent Wilkes hires Mark Geragos | Paper: Cheney's Record Shows Dems "Should Not Expect The White House To Cooperate" In Next 2 Years | As Power Shifts in New Congress, Pork May Linger | Neil Bush's family values | Doublespeak: Official Language of D.C. | Mission Accomplished, Then Erased | Democrats Pledge Array of Investigations (AP implies Democrats are not being nice bipartisan sheep)
BIG-BROTHER- GATE -- Woman faces homeowner association fines for wreath peace sign
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- Has Karl Rove taken over US foreign policy? | Bush Plans Week of High-Stakes PR... er, Diplomacy | New Senators: Bush Should Engage Mideast | Around The World, People See The President As An Extension Of America's Arrogance
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- CNN's John Roberts: What Americans are seeing on TV about Iraq "is being sanitized" - it's worse than we see on TV | Glenn Greenwald updates his withering critique of Glenn "Instahack" Reynolds, Ann "Madhouse" Althouse, and the Right Wing Christianists | News Media Pretends All Went Well In Watershed Election. Yeah, Sure... | Welcome To NorahWorld: World's Worst Beltway Insider | Newsweek hypes Moqtada as The (New) Most Dangerous Man In Iraq
FOX WATCH -- Trent Lott sticks to Neocon script on FAUX News Sunday, asserts he is glad "We" have "them... tied down in Afghanistan and Iraq" -- ever heard of London, Trent? Madrid? | Murdoch To Clamp Down On Judith Regan's Free Rein In The Wake Of OJ Book Scandal
BUDGET MESS -- GOP cutting and running from unfinished spending bills
OH, GOD! -- Religious Intolerance: Potential 2008 Prez Contender Romney's Mormon Faith Could Backfire With GOP's Evangelical Base
GAY IN AMERICA -- GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney: I am more pro-gay than Teddy Kennedy

Nov. 26
• Abu Gonzales to Supremos; Don't you dare take up case that could put Team Bush in peril over Plamegate!
• Rumsfeld Gave Written Instructions Okaying Torture
QWAGMIRE -- Classified US government report finds factions withing Iraq insurgency are self-sustained financially | Losing control of the airwaves is a standard indicator that a government has completely lost control of the country | Al-Sadr loyalists take over Iraqi television station, call for attacks on named Sunni leaders and neighborhoods: | The problem with the "centrist" position on the war in Iraq and the bizarrely revered Iraq Study Group | Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) calls for phased withdrawal from Iraq | Iraq extends curfew amid violence | Iraqi PM Faces Govt. Implosion | U.S. Now Involved in Iraq Longer Than It Was In WW II | So just which group(s) in Iraq is/are "self-financing" | Hoyer: Iraqis Must Take Responsibility | Iraq Study Group adviser says James Baker is "treating the president just like he is everyone else, as somebody to be co-opted" | Cheney is in Saudi Arabia to plead with royal family to help Bush boy out of Iraq mess | Maureen Dowd Says Bush Should Go On Fox News To Confess: "If I Did It--Here's How The Civil War In Iraq Happened"
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Waxman Has Bush Administration in Sights
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- Ex-employee says FAA warned before 9/11 | So what happens when you exploit alleged terrorist plots for short-term political gain?
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- Poisoned Spy Before Death: I Hired Assassins While Working For Russia
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- LA Times chickens out, pulls "Civil War" from Web headlines | Faux "centrism", Robin Wright's wide-eyed salute to the Iraq Study Group, and the Democrats' natural governing majority | Confidential Docs Show BBC Regretted Maudlin, Hand-wringing Coverage Of Princess Diana's Death | Iraq lies: "It's time the liars running the Republican party, inside conservative Washington and within the right-wing newspapers, television stations, and Web sites, are held accountable for their utter lack of principle" | Tom Edsall, today's GOP shill media idiot of the day...
$MIRKONOMICS -- US dollar will keep falling
DISASTROUS RESPONSE -- Nearly a year and a half too late, Bush vows to aid Katrina victims
ELECTION THEFTS -- Experts Concerned as Ballot Problems Persist | Midterm Elections Show Voting Flaws: Voters In 25 States Had Serious Problems
JUSTICE WATCH -- GA Activists: Stop No Knock Warrants
EDUCATION IN THE SMIRK AGE -- Science Teachers Avoiding Global Warming In Classroom Because Of Exxon Mobil Funding
OH, GOD! -- Oopsie! PETA Mistakenly Targets Church That Does Not Use Animals In Nativity Scene
ENERGY SCANDALS -- Energy Firms Must face Reality of Climate Change
HEALTH DEBACLES -- Henry Waxman will try to snuff out smoking in the House Speaker's lobby

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