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From: Marc Perkel
Re: Should troops die to cover for Bush?
Date: January 10, 2007

Why should soldiers die to cover up for Bush?

This is Bush's war and Bush's failure. Now Bush wants to escalate the war so that he can push off the blame for defeat onto the next president. Adding more troops just gives the Iraqis more bodies to shoot at -- soldiers who are asked to die for nothing. And Bush wants us to pay welfare to Iraqis to create jobs there so they can build things that other Iraqis can blow up.

We're just funding death squads with American tax dollars and money we're borrowing from the Communist Chinese that future generations will have to pay back.

Iraq got to lynch their tyrant, maybe it's time we lynched ours. What kind of a nation are we that we will kill our children for political reasons?

I'm Marc Perkel -- and I approved this message



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