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Bad Boy!
Another real-life demonstration of GOP values
by Dave "Doctor" Gonzo

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2001 -- Chicago (APJP) -- Ever since Usurper Boy and his gang of thugs took control of our nation's executive branch, The Doc knows the time he took to bookmark a number of British news sites on his web browser was not wasted.  You see, while the American press succumbed to a relapse of "get Clinton no matter how ridiculous the assertion" fever on the day His Illegitimacy was "swored in" with his family of Kenne-Drunk-Port WASPbillies looking on, about the only place to get the scoop on everything else of import (no pun intended) is the UK.

Case in point number one: the BBC.  BBC2's Newsnight is scheduled, according to one reader, to broadcast a segment this evening in a continuing series by investigative correspondent Gregory Palast.  The series, "Theft of a Presidency," is focusing on corruption in Florida during the last presidential election.  Palast is focusing on "Database Technologies, Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush and the computer program that stole the US elections" by disenfranchising black voters and cheating President-Elect Al Gore out of over 20,000 votes.

At one point during the segment, according to an astute reader, Clay Roberts is reportedly seen fleeing Palast's camera crew as he was shouting, "If y'all wanna hang this on me, that's fine!"

Why, we'd be more than glad to oblige, Clay -- because YOU helped Katherine Harris's vote count more than that of fifty MILLION Americans!  You just don't get it, do you!

The segment will be available on the BBC's Web Site starting TONIGHT at around 6:30EST -- got to Newsnight's page.

Case in point number two: The Guardian, arguably the best newspaper in London with one of the best news web sites on the planet.  This morning, while the American press is obsessing on the doomed-to-failure, politically motivated new "criminal" witch hunt by U.S. Attorney Mary Jo "Rudy Wanna-be" White into possible "felonies" involving the pardon of Marc Rich (the REAL crime being that Rich was the target of an abusive and illegal prosecution by a guy named Giuliani -- but I digress), The Guardian ran an AP article that could NOT be found in the New York Times or Los Angeles Times AP "breaking news" lists.

It seems that one Scott Stewart, chairman of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC), stands accused of being a bad boy.  Reportedly, Stewart "made unwanted advances and regularly spoke in sexually graphic terms to and about female employees" -- and three women have filed legal affidavits to that effect.

Now, The Doc was already laughing out loud at yet another demonstration of Republican moral "erectitude," but -- you guessed it -- there's more to the story.

The three women, Kathleen Kirst, Jennifer Gorski and Youmna Salameh, also allege that Stewart used several thousand dollars of party cash to party, "paying for his own and others' personal expenses, such as cellular telephone bills, plane tickets and campaign mailings."

The RNC, which finances the CRNC, received copies of the affidavits in January.  Meanwhile, Stewart is running for another two-year term as CNRC boss.

Given the allegations of abusive horndogging and financial impropriety, The Doc feels that Stewart should abandon his run for the CNRC and instead run for a high-profile state or federal legislative seat, where he'll feel right at home with his fellow GOP "moralists."

'Nuff said!

Dave "Doctor" Gonzo left a lucrative career as a disgruntled executive in the music industry to become a disgruntled political writer.  His multifaceted career includes stints as a video and record producer, congressional lobbyist, lecturer at the Smithsonian Institution and developer of data analysis software.  He lives in a heavily fortified satellite-TV and high-speed-Internet-equipped apartment compound with his wife somewhere on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

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