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Great Moments in FOX News History!

Shep Smith "blows" it (Windows Media Player required, 988kB)

May 17, 2001:
Bobby Kennedy Jr. sets Hannity straight

Stories you won't see on
FOX News Channel!

Has FOX turned on Swift Boat Liars for Bush?

FOX shill Dick Morris: caught lying AGAIN!

Hannity caught backdating the recession again

Bad news for FOX: Gore TV targets US twentysomethings

FOX's Linda Chavez called John Kerry a "communist apologist" -- and then lied about it! | But then, we all know Chavez has a history as a lying liar

On FOX, Cal Thomas and Sean Hannity wrongly claim Kerry lied about Vietnam decorations

Meet your liberal media: FOX News smears, Howie "Fleiss" Kurtz transcribes

MUST READ: The Ratings Mirage -- FOX's higher "ratings" mask the truth that more people watch

The Bill O'Reilly "FOX" Trot

Zimbabwe ejects reporters for Rupert Murdoch's tawdry Sky "News" operation

The Whiny Little Crybaby Factor: Atrios on the thin-skinned Bill O'Reilly

Dick "Dick" Cheney's latest lie: FOX News is "accurate" -- is Murdoch paying for this endorsement?

From Canada, John Doyle smacks lying liar Bill O'Reilly

How FOX used patriotic trappings to bulldoze CNN

FOX News Channel -- will it become Canada's hottest comedy cable outlet?

New book goes inside FOX News operation's aggressive six-year marketing campaign

Canadian cable industry begs to carry Murdoch's propaganda outlet

Jack Cafferty: dumb enough for FOX News Channel?

Rupert Murdoch tells Bush he's going to win -- is Rupe part of the "fix"?

Rupert Murdoch ditches Australia for US (hint to Kerry Administration: time for a tax audit)

Bill O'Reilly, pathetic wuss

O'Reilly calls for "Final Solution" in Iraq

Flags, Nazis, Clarke, and FOX tales
More stories you won't see on FOX!

Salon's MUST-READ interview with the man who exposed FOX News' biased agenda

Right-wing MRC proves FOX News has an agenda!

The must-read memo that exposes the "fair and balanced" lie! Insider blows whistle on FOX News' bias

Another Orwellesque proclamation! Roger Ailes, GOP apologist and arch-operative, is now claiming he has corrected media bias. Hey, fat boy, if you want to correct media bias, tell Rupe to shut down his propaganda mill!

Scoobie: O'Reilly reports, we laugh out loud!

FOX News attacks CBS for unvarnished Reagan biopic (it should guarantee increased ratings)

Has FOX News unintentionally helped trigger a media turn to the "left" (in truth, the center)?

Fact-free news: Rupert and Roger are just doing their jobs!

Matt Groening tells Terry Gross that FOX News Channel threatened his FOX Broadcasting show over parody of average fact-free FOX News segment; News division claimed cartoon viewers would be fooled into thinking they were watching actual news by the crawl! (RealAudio required)

The Meltdown Factor: listen to Bill O'Reilly implode on NPR's Fresh Air

WARNING! Regular viewing of FOX News Channel may leave you misinformed and stupid!

FOX News Channel viewers are stupid, clueless, and/or easily misled

Check out Jennifer L. Buckendorff, "War is peace!" Salon, Sept. 30, 2003

Scoobie Davis: Journalistic Misconduct by Two FOX News Analysts
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