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"And after all of that, today it is his credibility versus that of generals, diplomats, allies, Republicans, Democrats, the Iraq Study Group, past presidents, voters last November, and the majority of the American people." — Keith Olbermann, Countdown, January 10, 2007
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Gold Bond Foot Spray

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company
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Johnson & Johnson
Johnsonville Sausage
KB Toys
Krispy Kreme
McCormick & Schmick's Seafood
New Balance Athletic Shoe
Office Depot
Olive Garden
Outback Steakhouse
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Panda Restaurant
Payless Shoes
Piggly Wiggly
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Red Lobster
Red Wing Shoe
Ruby Tuesday
Ruddick Corp.
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State Farm
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Tiffany & Co
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US Navy

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Wegmans Food Markets
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Wolverine World Wide



Photoshop Insurgent: World's First Funny Mallard Fillmore Strip!
Jeff Koopersmith: qWagmire For Dummies!
Alan Bisbort: Saudi America
Steve Young: Right-Wing Radio Relevance Dead Following Sudden Onset of Truth
Bernie Weiner: Who Brought Us to the Iraq Abyss?
Steve Young: Radio Wars! It's Billo vs. Stephanie Miller
Mailbag: Republicans still don't get it!
Jeff Koopersmith: Fickle Teens Dump Evangelical Lifestyle
Steve Young: Shame on You, Mr. Olbermann, For Making Fun of a Sick Man!

Bernie Weiner: Chestnuts Roasting in an Iraqi Fire
Jeff Koopersmith: Time for Condi Rice to Resign!
Mailbag: The Dao Pau of Carville / War on the Cheap
Steve Young: Talk Radio Hosts' Vacations Have Hurt Progress In Iraq
Steve Young: Janis Karpinski's Got The Goods, But Good
Pundit Pap Quick Take: The Tell
Bernie Weiner: The Limits of Euphoria in a Political Dogfight
Mailbag: Just Don't Call It Starvation!
Steve Young: Air America's Al Franken Is Leaving... For Iraq!
Mailbag: Just Don't Call It Starvation!Steve Young: Bill O'Reilly, Lip Service Culture Warrior
Ernest Partridge: ... and now what?
Stephen Crockett: James Carville Is Wrong
Mailbag: Republicans Must Repent
Dave "Doctor" Gonzo: Out—Evangelicalism. In—Segregationism! Trent Lott Is Back
Bernie Weiner: Bush's Post-Election Session With His Shrink
Steve Young: The Threats to David Letterman and Jon Stewart: Is Bill O'Reilly To Blame?
Pundit Pap: ABC's This Week: 25 Gasbag Years
Bernie Weiner: The Perfect Storm of Citizen Revulsion
Alan Bisbort: The Party Party–The new spin Republicans are in
Steve Young: Nancy Pelosi's Drapes Have Been Ordered
Bernie Weiner: RoboTurd: Karl Rove's Last-Minute "Robo- calling" Tactic to Steal the Election
Mailbag: Fill'erup... FAST!
Steve Young: Fighting Back Against Monday's Nonstop Litany of Talk Radio Bull
Pundit Pap: Wheeling Out Dick
Steve Young: Here's Your F$#@ing Apology!
Mailbag: Iraq IS a Local Issue!
Steve Young: Bush Believes the Country Is Less Safe... With Him In Charge!
Bernie Weiner: Why Voting for Democrats Is Required: Pre-Election Scenarios
Steve Young: Rove's Quid Pro Quo Walks Like A Duck
Pundit Pap: Best Thing That's Happened To Stupid Republican Assertions In 25 Years
Steve Young (with MoPaul): Getting the RIGHT People to Vote
Bernie Weiner: Traveling the "National Security" Route to November 7th
Mailbag: We've Never Been "Stay the Course"
Steve Young: What's Bad for America Is Good for Halliburton!
Introducing... Photoshop Insurgent! Why the Fairness Doctrine Must Be Restored... In One Simple Illustration
Steve Young: Get a Room!
Mailbag: Rep. John Kyl, Poster Child for Throwing the Bums Out
Bernie Weiner: It's Even Worse, And Better, Than We Thought: An Address to Democrats Abroad
Mailbag: Marc Perkel: Would Republicans really lie to us (again)?
Ernest Partridge: Reflections on the Eve of Another Rigged Election
Mailbag: Marc Perkel: The Day America Died
Steve Young: The "Hate America Crowd"™ Has Got To Go!
Mailbag: Which scandal hurts Republicans more? / Readers sound off about Congress
Pundit Pap: Neoconned by Bolton Again...
Mailbag: Does Foleygate HELP the GOP?
Steve Young: "Staying The Course" Hasn't Worked For Air America Either
Mailbag: The usual Suspects: John Fund is back...
Jeff Koopersmith: Bob Woodward, Revealed at Last!
Alan Bisbort channels Instant Message from Rep. Mark Foley to Sen. Katherine Harris
Bernie Weiner: The "F" Word and How To Escape From Its Clutches
Mark Crispin Miller: Gang of Projectors...
Mailbag: Foleygate -- does it help the GOP?
Pundit Pap: State of Debauchery
Steve Young: Will Bill O'Reilly Push For a Law to Stop GOP Child Molesters and Their Enablers?

From the APJ Special Collection: Credo of a Conservative
Marc Oberzil reviews the tenets of conservatism... and provides a conclusion that is prescient as Election 2006 approaches!

Alan Bisbort: Winning Back America--A conversation with Bill Scher
Bernie Weiner: Gearing Up for Rove's Pre-Election "Surprises"
Steve Young: Dear Left, Karl Rove Doesn't Need Any Help
APJ / Sweet Vindication!
Bernie Weiner: Control the Dictionary, Control the World
Steve Young: You Need Clarity, Mr. President? I've Got Your Clarity Right Here!
Jeff Koopersmith: Here's Your State of the Union
Bernie Weiner: "The Flying Wi-Fi": Working Out the Bug
Steve Young: Righting the Rewriting of the Rewriting of History?
Bernie Weiner: 20 Things We Now Know Five Years After "9/11"
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: The Path to Disney's Neocon Fantasyland
Steve Young: CBS's "Free Speech" Is a Rush to Judgment
APJ / Biden Dynamites Rove, Santorum Melts Down
Steve Young: Republican Party Tests Positive for Steroids
Steve Young: Rewriting the Wrong Side of History... And The Liberal Media™ That Allows It
Mailbag: The Stakes of Election 2006
Steve Young: President Chauncey Gardner!
Lambert Strether at The Mother of All Walkbacks!
Amanda Balzastones: The OTHER Bubble Boy, Gone For Good!
Steve Young: "Senator Kerry, We Apologize"
Bernie Weiner: Bush & Co.: Desperate Desperados
APJ / Terror Terror Terror Fear Fear Fear!
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Saving Our Elderly: Off the Grid NOW
Mailbag! Democrats Send a Signal
Norma Sherry: A Case for Impeachment
Bernie Weiner: "Shallow Throat" on Nov. Vote: It's Now or Never
Steve Young: Lamont Victory Will Help Me Discover My Inner-Center
APJ / Newt and Cokie: Loopiest Pundits Ever?
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: We Believe Leola McConnell
Mailbag! Democrats: Weak on terror?
Bernie Weiner: Express Lane to Fascism: John Dean's "Conservatives Without Conscience"
Ernest Partridge: O Canada!
Alan Bisbort: The Power of Pride–America and the 7 Deadly Sins
Steve Young: How Will Sean Hannity Politicize Mel Gibson's Drunken Anti-Semitism?
Mailbag!Jeff Koopersmith shares an e-mail from the RNC you'll want to read!
APJ / Media Mavens Momentarily Mull 'Ministration's Mideast Modus Malfunction
Bernie Weiner: From Bombs in Beirut to the Ballot Box in November
Mailbag! Stopping the Israel-Lebanon Shooting War
Steve Young: Murder Is Murder, No Matter Who's Paying
Nancy Greggs: It's Called Treason
APJ / Tim Russert Grills Josh Bolten
Press Release: Church of Reality Condemns Israel's Invasion of Lebanon
Steve Young intercepts An Open Letter To Bush From Bob, The Stem Cell
Bernie Weiner: The Dangers and Glories of Manipulating Reality
APJ / Gasbag Hezbaloney
Jeff Koopersmith: It's Time for Bush to Stop Glad-handing Imams
The Editors: John Fund: Case Dismissed, But...
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: "I'm Ready For My Briefing"
John Fund Goes On Trial
Jeff Koopersmith: Larry King Should Hang Up His Suspenders
Bernie Weiner: Making Sense Out of Dangerous Nonsense
APJ / Li'l Kim Sets the Tune
Steve Young: Hannity Ain't So Dumb!
Alan Bisbort: FrankenBush vs. Osama bin Wolfman
Ernest Partridge: Immovable Object, Irresistible Force
Steve Young: We Need Bill O'Reilly More Than Ever!
APJ / War Against the Press
Steve Young: Why Does Sean Hannity Continue to Aid the Terrorists?
Jeff Koopersmith: Karl Rove Buys His Own Hype
Bernie Weiner: Fracturing the Bush Base: A Compassionate Approach
Mailbag!Supreme Court Rules Bush isn't a king
Steve Young: With Liberals Like This... Lanny Davis Kowtows to "Billo"
Mailbag! Marc Perkel on torture and spying
Steve Young: Saving the USA, One Degraded WMD At a Time!
APJ / Cut and Spin
Steve Young: Limbaugh's "Discovery" That Hollywood Is "Shutting Out the Right": Just Another Lie
Mailbag! McConnell on poll numbers and issues; Perkel on missiles
Greg Palast: Dan crashes–Bush flies high
Bernie Weiner: A Graduation Report: Democrats Need to Sharpen Up
APJ / The Democrats Send In the Marine
Steve Young: Please Do Not Read This Article About Ann Coulter!
Mark Crispin Miller: Some Might Call It Treason: An Open Letter to Salon
Bernie Weiner: What Rove's Skate May Really Mean
Steve Young channels Ann Coulter: Children With Terminal Cancer Using Their Disease To Get Sympathy!
APJ / Zarqawi Wowie!
Bernie Weiner: "Groundhog Day" in Asia: Unwinnable Wars
Steve Young: Damn You, You Activist Judges And Your Sadistic Need to See Our Kids Get AIDS!
Leola McConnell Drags George W. Bush Out of His Closet
APJ / They Actually Talked Serious Issues (Shock!)
Steve Young: STOP ME Before I Burn the Flag in My Assless Chaps!*
Bernie Weiner: What's Important: Seven Pillars of Misrule
Ernest Partridge: Swords into Plowshares
APJ / Non-news and Non-debate for Memorial Day Weakened
Steve Young: O'Shocker! Billo Calls for Bush to Step Down
Mailbag: Bipartisanship at last!
Steve Young: The Sean Hannity Commencement Speech Liberals Won't Let Him Give
Mailbag: Karma of Journalists
Steve Young: Democracy, American Idol-ized!
APJ / Stick to Brahms, Condi!
Steve Young: Mary Cheney, Big Time Chip Off the Old Block

Michael Graham
George W. Bush, Fast-track Flyboy

Bernie Weiner: Turn Up the Heat!
Alan Bisbort: An Open Letter to the White House Staff
Steve Young: KABC's Doug McIntyre Moves Loudly To The Light
Mailbag: "When the government breaks the law, then there is no law"
Scoobie Davis: Sometimes the Truth is Friggin' Bizarre
Mailbag: There you go again ...
Steve Young: Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is... Hannity!*
APJ / Pundit Pap–Porter Loss
Steve Young: Rumsfeld Calls Powell a Liar!
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Boobs, Panties, and Courage: Meet Loretta Nall
Steve Young: The Lords of Loud Laughs
APJ / Pundit Pap–Ripping Him a New One
Steve Young: 2400 and Counting
Bernie Weiner: Bushism as Greek Drama: "Hubris" and "Tragic Flaws"
Steve Young: Secret DNC 2006/2008 Campaign Battle Plan Revealed!
APJ / Pundit Pap
Bernie Weiner: Stop Us Before We Kill Again!
Steve Young: Canada–In the Pentagon's Crosshairs!
APJ / Pundit Pap–Will Donald Rumsfeld get the boot? Will Iraq get the bomb?
Jeff Koopersmith: A Sober Call for President Bush to Serve in Iraq
Steve Young: American Liar Captivates Viewers Coast to Coast
Steve Young: Walk A Painful Mile In Their Shoes
APJ / Pundit Pap–"What is going on?"
Jeff Koopersmith: Maybe Russell Weston Wasn't All That Crazy
Steve Young: Health Insurance Wars Ready to Break Out: Let the Facts Win Out
APJ/Correntewire: Pundit Pap: Meet the Real Maverick: Tony Zinni!
Steve Young: "Dissent Has Its Limits!" Understanding Democracy... O'Reilly Style
Jeff Koopersmith: The Debacle Continues
Bernie Weiner: Inside Rove's Diary–Strangle That Censure Baby
Steve Young: Sean Hannity Ridicules Alec Baldwin For "Offensive" Talk Radio
APJ/Correntewire: Pundit Pap—Iraq Your Brains! It's Condi's Latest Charm Tour
Steve Young: The Aristocrats... Bush Administration Style!
Bernard Weiner: Anti-Semitism and the New "Jews"
APJ/Correntewire: Pundit Pap—Crappy Anniversary, Iraq
John Connolly

Sex, Lies and the Tape -- The John Fund Story
Here it is -- the breakthrough article by brilliant investigative reporter John Connolly that blew the lid off the scandalous behavior of the "leave of absenced" Wall Street Journal opinion page pundit. Originally published by WeaselSearch, the article is now available ONLY at American Politics Journal.

Steve Young: Another 16 Words
Steve Young: Gridiron Roast: One Night of Honesty A Year
APJ/Correntewire: Pundit Pap—Ports, 'Peachment, Palaver
Steve Young: Everyday is Opposite Day on O'Reilly
Ernest Partridge: An Appearance of Guilt
Steve Young: When the Press Starts Pressing, the Pressured Start Pressing the Press
Bernie Weiner: Bush Is Going Down
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Get Ready to Meet the Wolves of Fate
APJ/Correntewire: Pundit Pap—Claque of Hacks Attack, Papsters Fight Back!
Jeff Koopersmith: Koop's Bird Flu Diet
Steve Young: Judgment At Nuremberg II, Day 1
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: The Brown Badge of Courage
Church of Reality: Perkel, CoR Will Challenge South Dakota Abortion Law
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: Scooter Libby Is Toast... and Rove Will Provide the Butter...
APJ/Correntewire: Pundit Pap—No safe port for Bush and the GOP?
Steve Young: Bush White House: Truth or Onion?
Steve Young: FOX News Continues to Air Offensive Cartoons!
APJ/Correntewire: Pundit Pap: Chertoff Gets a Pass, vanden Heuvel Kicks Ass
Steve Young: Heads Up!
Alan Bisbort: Cheney Unchained!
Jerry Politex: Bush, the Gravedigger, and Cheney's Gunshot Victim
APJ/Correntewire: Pundit Pap: So Many Scandals, So Few REAL Democrats!
Bernie Weiner: If Bush Were On Oprah's Couch...
Our Readers: Mailbag: Bill O'Reilly and Corrupt Media
Ernest Partridge: The View from Abroad: A Personal Reflection
Gene Gerard: Tax Shelters Disguised as Health Care Reform
APJ/Correntewire's Pundit Pap: Glittering Georgie's Gasbag Gaggle
Bernie Weiner: Reform the Democrats... Or Form a Third Party?
Steve Young: Bill Hides Behind His Poll
Mailbag: These concentration camps brought to you by Halliburton
Steve Young: The TalkShowization of the Mainstream Media
It's Back! Holy Cro-Magnon Mail!
Ernest Partridge: "Evidence? We Don't Want Your Stinkin' Evidence!"

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