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New Records: IRS Targeted Progressive Groups More Extensively Than Tea Party
Deregulation Kills: Deadly Fertilizer Explosion ‘Should Never Have Occurred’ with Proper Regulation, Investigation Finds
Obama Heads on Asia Tour, Visits US Disaster Site
Justice Sonia Sotomayor Blasts John Roberts Court Over Affirmative Action Ban
Embattled Ethics Commission Confirms Samson Probe Underway

• Don't concede the Senate just yet
• Chelsea Manning Granted Name Change Request
• Mississippi Enacts Blatantly Unconstitutional Abortion Ban
• GOP Lawyers Keep Silent on Republican Governors' Attack Against the Legal Profession
• Student Debt Nearly Tripled Over the Past Decade
• Photo of Obama in Koch Brothers Attack Ad Is Photoshopped from Hospital Trip After Aurora Shooting
• Secret Recording of Dinesh D'Souza By His Lover's Husband Might Sink Him
• Justices Void $3.4 Million Award to Child Pornography Victim
• Priebus all atwitter about @SenatorReid
• NYT Poll Blows Up the GOP's Obamacare Narrative
• NYT Retracts Russian-Photo Scoop
• Five Illinois Cops Are Caught Lying on the Stand When Defense Produces a Recording Contradicting Their Testimony
• W.Va. SOS Calls Koch Brothers' Voter Registration Mailing "Misleading"
• Lawsuit Accuses FBI of Using No-Fly List to Get American Muslims to Become Informants
• Heather Digby Parton Wins 2014 Sidney Hillman Foundation Prize
• FL-19: Curt Clawson Wins Special Election Primary in Race for Trey Radel's Seat
Analysis ►  Andrew Cuomo Has Big Problems with Liberals
• Christie's Ties to U.S. Attorneys Office Delayed Hoboken Mayor's Claims: Letter
• Antonin Scalia Seems Confused By HBO

Rand Paul to Neocons: ‘Sharpen Your Knives’ for the GOP Foreign Policy Fight | RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Slams Harry Reid as 'Dirty' And 'Unethical'

Jeb Bush Admits That He's 'Thinking About Running for President' | GOP’s super-secret actual road map for winning more races (Hint: It’s not the one released to the public) | Dr. Greg Brannon says democracy is 'socialism,' possibly because he is really, really dumb | Meet the woman who could turn Texas purple | | Challenge from Left could complicate Andrew Cuomo's re-election | Should the Toxic Koch Brothers Control a Maine Senate Seat? | Analysis ►  Can't Someone Show Sen. Lindsey Graham the Door? | Analysis ►  Challenge from Left could complicate Andrew Cuomo's re-election | CA GOP hopeful seeks free tuition for science, math students in exchange for future earnings

NYT's New Forecast Predicts An Even Chance of Senate Takeover

New Ad Questions Clay Aiken's 'Invisible' Presence on Presidential Committee

Tom Steyer: I’m not the Koch brothers

Candidate for governor in Maryland says being in the military isn't a 'real job'

Lawmakers Are Trying to Restrict Solitary Confinement | Arkansas Sen. John Boozman in Recovery Following Emergency Heart Surgery | Democratic Senator Wants to Hold CEOs Accountable for Fatal Mistake

Burning Man organizer plans anything-goes ‘Bundyfest’ to mock scofflaw rancher

Arizona Gov. Brewer vetoes gun bills | GOP Lawmakers Target D.C.'s Effort to Decriminalize Marijuana

This Industry Is Among the Big Spenders on Lobbying This Quarter

Analysis ►  Will Christie testify in bridge probe? | Four Subpoenas Issued in Christie Bridge Scandal Investigation | How Conservatives Helped Dinesh D'Souza "Get His Story Out There"

Newest Birther Conspiracy Involves the CIA, a Secret DNA Test, Edward Snowden, And a Missing Nuclear Weapon

How Obamacare Will Help Americans Retire Sooner

9/11 isn’t the same for them: Why the next generation’s view of the national security state will be radically different | Judge in Cole Attack Case Orders Prosecutors to Share CIA Secret Prison Details with Defense

Property records cast doubt on Cliven Bundy’s ancestral claims to disputed federal land

Analysis ►  James Clapper Bans Intelligence Community from Basically Any Interaction with Nearly Anyone with a Social Media Account

Court critical of Ohio law punishing campaign lies | Affirmative Action Lawyer: Supreme Court's Decision Takes 'Away the Rights of Minorities'

Hashtag fail 'o the century | Fired Lesbian Police Chief Gets Outpouring of Support from Tiny South Carolina Town

Jon Stewart Rips the Media for Sexist Treatment of Hillary Clinton And Female Politicians

Watch this! ►  Stephen Colbert mocks Earth Day on Fox: Solar panels made from clubbed baby seals | Hannity Continues Move Toward the Fringe as Guest Accuses Liberals of Contributing to a "Modern Day Holocaust" | Fox Interview of GOP Senate Candidate Features Campaign Ad & Obamacare Lies

Georgia Governor Signs Bill Allowing Guns in Bars, Churches, Libraries And Schools | Cliven Bundy is a seditious liar, not a patriot

Kansas Student Tries to Block Michelle Obama Graduation Speech | Colleges Seek New Paths to Diversity After Court Ruling

Duke: Moving Coal Ash Would Cost Up to $10 Billion | Does El Niño Plus Global Warming Equal Global Temperature Records in 2014 And 2015?

Massive new fraud coverup: How banks are pillaging homes — while the government watches

U.S. Army Approves ‘Humanist' Category as Religious Preference | The Internet isn’t killing religion — religion is

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