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Peace Maintained During Tenth Night of Protests in Ferguson
Major Court Ruling Clears the Way to Let Renewables into the Grid
Watch this! ►  Rick Perry Turns Himself In
ISIS Beheads Missing American Journalist on Camera, Threatens Another
The American Cult of Bombing: Why You Should Expect More Bombs to be Dropped Everywhere

• MO Gov. Nixon won't seek removal of county prosecutor
• US and UK try to identify English-speaking Isis militant
• Former Alaska Attorney General Wins G.O.P. Senate Primary
• Cloud over Michael Brown investigation as prosecutor and governor clash
• Judge Blocks Bobby Jindal's Move to Scrap Common Core Tests
• Jeffrey Toobin explains "Why Rick Perry May Be Out of Luck"
Analysis ►  Rioting Mainly for Fun and Profit: the Neoconservative Origins of Our Police Problem
• Audit: ‘Obamacare’ tax not meeting revenue target
Analysis ►  Experts: Police Shootings Point to Need for 'Systemic Change in Policing'
• Why Are Our Political Elites Always Such Patsies for Authoritarianism?
• Israel Resumes Gaza Airstrikes After Rocket Barrage, 2 Reported Dead
• CNN anchor: Maybe water cannons are the solution here
• Missouri GOP Director Denounces Voter Registration Efforts in Ferguson
• Man dead after officer shoots suspect in St. Louis
• Nobody Knows How Many Americans the Police Kill Each Year
• News Station Orders Gas Masks to Protect Reporters in Ferguson
• Inside the Kochs' Plan to Beat Harry Reid
• Obama Ditched Reid in Meeting with McConnell
• Howard Dean: I hope Hillary Clinton becomes president

Midterm Calculus: Alaska Might Be More Friendly to Democrats Than It Appears | Reince Priebus Says Arkansas Key to GOP Getting Senate Majority | Mitch McConnell Will Debate Alison Lundergan Grimes in October | Reid: 'We are going to lose in South Dakota' | Harry Reid won't help doomed Nevada Democrat's bid for governor | Bruce Rauner Under Scrutiny for Caribbean Investments, Punching Remark | Hanky-Panky on Long Island Between Peter King And Steve Israel?

PPP confirms: Gov. Sam Brownback is in deep trouble and Sen. Pat Roberts doesn't look so good either

This Is, By Far, the Perviest Voter Registration Ad Ever | Can a SuperPAC Really End All SuperPACs?

WTF? Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder Wants 'Anglo-American' Justice in Ferguson

Paul Ryan Rewrites His Government Shutdown Role | George V. Hansen, Seven-Term Idaho Congressman, Dies at 83

Activists paint Moscow's 'Stalin Tower' with Ukraine colours | Ferguson: outsiders spread unrest and unease in pursuit of eclectic aims

Virginia prepares for possibility of gay marriage | Rick Scott Warned By Scientists That Climate Change Is Threat to Florida

Obama Is Seen By Some Democrats as Frustrating His Own Party | Behind Closed Doors, Obama Crafts Executive Actions | Barack Obama hails recapture of Mosul Dam video

Bob McDonnell’s Sister Testifies at Corruption Trial in Virginia | KKK Leader Calls KKK Fundraiser for Darren Wilson 'A Scam' | Top Aide to Alabama AG Luther Strange Might Be Using "Secret" to Derail Alabama Corruption Probe | Analysis ►  Tons of big-time liberals are saying Rick Perry's indictment looks weak. Can you imagine the right ever doing that?

Obama thrilled at destruction of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile | Rebels Killed Dozens in Attack on Refugees, Ukraine Says

Feds can't sell booby-trapped property of terrorist tax evaders

Throw Away the Key: Man Charged After Allegedly Threatening Scott Walker's Son

Putin's Achilles' Heel: Tighter Energy Sector Sanctions

Passport Officers Aren't Nearly as Good at Spotting Fake IDs as You Might Hope

Veteran Cop: 'If You Don't Want to Get Shot,' Shut Up – Even If We're Violating Your Rights | Ferguson Hired Officer with History of Allegedly Hitting Children | Watch this! ►  Police to Al Jazeera: 'I'll bust your head right here' | N.Y. Prosecutor Opens Grand Jury Probe of Choking Death | Police fire tear gas, stun grenades at Ferguson protesters Monday night | Ferguson: huge show of force by police and national guard fails to quell unrest | Ferguson, Missouri: police display confiscated weapons after another night of unrest video | Ferguson: with So Many Guns in America, Police Are Trained to Live in Fear | What It Means That Governor Nixon Sent in the Guard | Mayor: 'The city of Ferguson is a model for the region' (does he mean Syria or Iraq?) | You Have the Right to Remain Silent (WARNING: May Not Apply in California)

We Demand a Blogger Ethics Panel! Ferguson edition | Jake Tapper Wins Best Picture of August 19, 2014 | Ferguson Police Say They May Arrest More Journalists | Watch this! ►  Former Nixon Counsel John Dean: Right-Wing Media Impeachment Calls, Watergate Comparisons "Absolutely Silliness" | Jake Tapper Amazed at Militarized Police Presence: 'Nothing MeritsThis' | We Almost Can't Handle Andrea Mitchell's Ice Bucket Challenge Video | Don Pardo, the Booming Voice of 'Saturday Night Live,' Dies at 96

Fox Couldn't Book KKK, So They Put Mark Furhman on Instead

Voter registration in Ferguson: "I'm fairly sure they think Sharpton injected race into the conversation just by being black."

Tear-gassing cops’ new opponent: Why Gun Owners of America wants reform

Plankton found in space: Sea creatures are discovered living on the exterior of the ISS

Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano alert raised to orange

Uber Picks David Plouffe, Obama’s Former Campaign Manager, to Battle the Entrenched Taxi Industry | Chinese Hackers Collected 4.5 Million Patients’ Private Health Data

Kansas City Cop, Marc Catron, Under Investigation After Racist Michael Brown Facebook Posts | Obama: Men of color are seen as “objects of fear” | Analysis ►  How Do You Deescalate Ferguson?! No, How Do You Deescalate a National Legacy of Racism and Violence Against Black Men? | Ferguson Mayor: 'There's Not a Racial Divide in Ferguson' | Georgia man threatens black kids at bus stop over noise: ‘This bullet has your name on it’

Religious Extremist Michelle Duggar Warns Arkansas Community That Transgender People Are Child Predators

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