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Many Missteps by Government in Assessment of ISIS Threat
Study on reproductive rights and domestic violence: Being denied an abortion “tethered women to violent men”
Supreme Court Blocks Order to Restore 7 Days of Voting in Ohio
Caught on Video: US Senator James Inhofe's Sociopathic Donors Paid to Shoot Pigeons
Koch-Funded Advocacy Group Under Investigation for Misleading Voters
US judge denies 'enforceable right' to water and allows Detroit shutoffs

• Key U.S. Senate races close, new round of polls says
• As election nears, control of Senate looks surprisingly uncertain
• Lawmakers seek answers from Secret Service over security lapses
Analysis ►  The “rubber stamp” SCOTUS: How corporations’ ugly myth became law
• For Secret Service Chief, Revelations Could Threaten Job
• White House Intruder Got Far into Building, Official Says
Analysis ►  Why Is Our Health Care System Disconnected from What Matters to Patients?
• Lawsuit Could Scramble Kansas Senate Race.. Again
Analysis ►  Bizarre Trial Accuses Government of Illegally Bailing Out Giant Company
• Internationally acclaimed human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin marries an actor

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Lesbian Couple Featured in Arizona Dem's Ad Hitting Opponent Over Anti-LGBT Bill

The 1 percent’s twisted new scheme: the Kochs and other billionaires are determined to buy the White House in 2016

Top Presidential Candidate Says Anarchy May Force Cancelation of 2016 Election | Pat Buchanan: If a Cop Is Shot in Ferguson It Will Be Obama’s Fault

Analysis ►  The Method to Steve King's Madness | GOP’s spiteful ploy vs. Holder: Why their confirmation demand is so absurd | Analysis ►  If you thought House Republicans were crazy now, just wait

Limited Options for Beijing as Hong Kong Protests Grow | Everything You Need to Know About Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution

Analysis ►  THE SOUTH'S VICTIM COMPLEX | De Blasio’s Executive Order Will Expand Living Wage Law to Thousands More | You Know That Whole Holier Than Thou Republican Party? DOA in Pennsylvania | New York Gov. Announces Investments That Will Increase State’s Solar Capacity By 68 Percent | California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Nation's First Affirmative Consent Standard into Law

Analysis ►  Did the Secret Service Lie to the White House About Intruder?

ALEC to Google: We don't deny climate change. But why ignore all the benefits?

Alex Jones: Obama will unleash ISIS terrorists on U.S. so he can confiscate our guns!

Airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria stir anger among rebels | The young women taking aim at ISIS | Whack-A-Mole: Our Strategy for Permanent War

US bid for secret Guantánamo force-feeding hearings prompts cover-up fears

Analysis ►  Glenn Greenwald: Media Way Overhyped Khorasan Group Threat

Afghanistan to Sign U.S. Security Agreement, Adviser Says

Mystery over N. Korean leader Kim Jong-Eun fuels health rumors

Intelligence Agencies Urge Caution on Phone Deal

Analysis ►  Obamacare haters’ new plan: Trust that SCOTUS conservatives are mindless partisans | North Carolina judge: 'Why does the state of North Carolina not want people to vote?' | U.S. bankruptcy judge allows Detroit water shutoffs to continue

China Blocks Instagram as Hong Kong Protests Go Viral


Gun Range Owner Bans Muslims

Common Core’s political fiasco: How it united the left and right against it

The New Health Care: What We’re Learning About Drug Company Payments to Doctors | Little-Noticed Obamacare Provision Insuring Hundreds of Thousands of Kids in Red States | Incest Should Be Legal, Experts Argue

TN Teen Leaves Private Christian Academy After Disturbing Racist Bullying

'This brings the best of religion and leaves the worst out': inside the atheist church hoping to take America by storm - video | Massachusetts Police Officer Busted with Racist, Pro-Rape Homophobic Facebook Page

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