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In Raid to Save Foley and Other Hostages, U.S. Found None
U.S. Attempted And Failed to Rescue American Hostages in Syria
Obama, allies vow firm response to Islamic State
Watch this! ►  Obama: US will do everything we can to protect our people from Isis

• ISIS operative who executed journalist James Foley may be a UK citizen
• the Con Artistry of Charter Schools
• Advair, Symbicort charge Americans 5x what they charge Europeans
• Suddenly, right wingers say Obama should, like Reagan, have negotiated with terrorists
• Missouri official apologizes for racist Facebook posts: ‘I was a very active Republican at the time’
• Ultra-wealthy Republican Terri Lynn Land paid less than 3 percent in federal income taxes
Analysis ►  McConnell's Reconciliation
• Why Won't the Big Powers Allow Global Monitoring of Flights Like MH370?
• Eric Holder Hears from the People of Ferguson Face to Face
• McDonnell Takes Stand in Corruption Trial
• As Republicans Stop Talking About Obamacare, One Vulnerable Democrat Is Touting Its Success
• Eric Holder in Ferguson: ‘We can make it better’
• St. Louis PD releases incident report from yesterday's shooting. on Michael Brown, still nothing.
• Groups Allege Ohio Governor Violated Civil Rights By Kicking People Off Food Stamps
• Eric Holder: 'Change Is Coming' After Ferguson Shooting
• Military Considering Sending Additional Troops to Iraq, Officials Say
• Moral Monday Movement Expands to 12 States for Week of Protests
• Federal Judge Catches Indiana Governor Mike Pence in a Lie
• Obama Uses Ferguson to Discuss Opportunity Gap: 'Many Young Men of Color Are Left Behind'
Analysis ►  Did Mitch McConnell's Bluster And Extremism Just Throw Democratic Candidates a Lifeline?
• Qatar pushed Hamas to renew hostilities with Israel by threatening to expel Khaled Meshal
Analysis ►  Rick Perry, Bad Boy and Texas Governor, Takes a Mean Mug Shot
• Eric Holder Arrives in Ferguson
• How Elizabeth Warren Wants to Reduce Debt

Joni Ernst Supports Government Agency Her Tea Party Backers Hate | Joni Ernst Opposes Raising Federal Minimum Wage, Thinks $7.25 Is 'Great' for Students | Midterm Calculus: Alaska Might Be More Friendly to Democrats Than It Appears | Former Alaska Attorney General Wins G.O.P. Senate Primary | Reince Priebus Says Arkansas Key to GOP Getting Senate Majority | Palin Goes 0-for-2 in Alaska as Clout Disappears Nationally | A Still-Embittered Sarah Palin Calls Out Tina Fey Again

New Senate Candidate Isn't Improving Democrats' Chances in Montana, Poll Finds

Laughs in Minnesota Senate Race Are Not Coming from Al Franken

Democrats top GOP campaign committees

Analysis ►  Why Paul Ryan is a liar | Paul Ryan: I'm Keeping Tax Cuts for the Rich | Answering question on Israel, Bernie Sanders tells townhall hecklers to ‘shut up!’ | Why Are Our Political Elites Always Such Patsies for Authoritarianism? | George V. Hansen, Seven-Term Idaho Congressman, Dies at 83 | Lawmakers Who Cut Funds for ALS Research Take Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Research

Peace Maintained During Tenth Night of Protests in Ferguson | Activists paint Moscow's 'Stalin Tower' with Ukraine colours

Audit: ‘Obamacare’ tax not meeting revenue target

Chris Christie Berates Woman Over Bruce Springsteen at Townhall | Virginia prepares for possibility of gay marriage | Rick Scott Warned By Scientists That Climate Change Is Threat to Florida | Watch this! ►  Rick Perry Turns Himself In

Analysis ►  How Big Can President Obama’s Executive Action Go? These 11 Undocumented Immigrants Test the Limits

Jeffrey Toobin explains "Why Rick Perry May Be Out of Luck"

3 Top Hamas Commanders Killed By Israeli Airstrike in Gaza | Israel, Gaza militants trade fire after talks fail | ISIS Beheads Missing American Journalist on Camera, Threatens Another | Analysis ►  The Neocons’ Grim ‘Victory’ in Iraq

British Isis militant in James Foley video 'guards foreign hostages in Syria' | US and UK try to identify English-speaking Isis militant | Feds can't sell booby-trapped property of terrorist tax evaders | Tony Abbott says James Foley killing highlights world's vulnerability | Obama urges action to halt Isis 'cancer' as UK steps up fight against jihadis

Behind Obama’s ‘Chaotic’ Foreign Policy – Or, Blaming POTUS for Neocon Policy

Woman sentenced in plot to steal U.S. nuclear secrets

Supreme Court Delays Marriage Equality’s Arrival in Virginia | Judge Blocks Bobby Jindal's Move to Scrap Common Core Tests

Cop Who Threatened Ferguson Protesters Is Lt. Ray Albers | Ferguson Prosecutor Says No Charge Decision Until October | Officer who pointed gun at Ferguson protesters suspended | MO Gov. Nixon won't seek removal of county prosecutor | Cloud over Michael Brown investigation as prosecutor and governor clash | Analysis ►  Rioting Mainly for Fun and Profit: the Neoconservative Origins of Our Police Problem | Veteran Cop: 'If You Don't Want to Get Shot,' Shut Up – Even If We're Violating Your Rights | Analysis ►  Experts: Police Shootings Point to Need for 'Systemic Change in Policing' | Ferguson Hired Officer with History of Allegedly Hitting Children | Watch this! ►  Police to Al Jazeera: 'I'll bust your head right here' | Opinion ►  Don't lecture people on 'due process' when you're pointing guns at their heads | Analysis ►  Michael Brown's death: Will it be a grand jury investigation or a whitewash? | Analysis ►  Reforming the program that has militarized police will be an uphill fight | Ferguson cops aren't wearing badge numbers? Why would that be?

About Time's powerful Ferguson cover | Analysis ►  James Foley Did Not Die in Vain | AP Chief Says James Foley's Murder Should Be Treated as a War Crime | Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft Spins Tall Tales on Ferguson Shooting | Jackbooted Thugs – Not Just Ferguson But Facebook Too | Jake Tapper Wins Best Picture of August 19, 2014 | NY Post Sinks to New Low with Cover Showing Journalist's Execution | Horatio Sanz on 'Saturday Night Live's' Politics: 'We Dropped the Ball' on Going After the Right

Voter registration in Ferguson: "I'm fairly sure they think Sharpton injected race into the conversation just by being black."

Bank Lobby Opposes Telling Students How Much Colleges Make Off Campus Debit Cards

Major Court Ruling Clears the Way to Let Renewables into the Grid

The economics of our drug industry can't give us drugs we need, and soon will REALLY need. Is there a workaround?

Plankton found in space: Sea creatures are discovered living on the exterior of the ISS

DNC chair: Martin O'Malley right on border kids' ‘certain death'

Bank of America reaches record $17bn settlement over questionable mortgages

Marianne Williamson: Race and Repentance in America | Kansas City Cop, Marc Catron, Under Investigation After Racist Michael Brown Facebook Posts | Analysis ►  Let's Stop Whistling Dixie: Missouri's Toxic Political Culture Must Change | Analysis ►  How Do You Deescalate Ferguson?! No, How Do You Deescalate a National Legacy of Racism and Violence Against Black Men? | Macy's to pay $650,000 settlement over racial profiling charges

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