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North Dakota heartbeat abortion restriction struck down by federal judge
Court Upholds Original EPA Emission Standards for Air Pollutants
Bloomberg Plans a $50 Million Challenge to the N.R.A.
Study Ties Epic California Drought, ‘Frigid East’ to Manmade Climate Change
Christie Discussed Wildstein Claims About Bridge Tie-Ups B

• U.S. Supreme Court Justice… Cory Booker?
• Even Fox News Can't Spin Favorable ACA CBO Report
• North Dakota Finds Itself Unprepared to Handle the Radioactive Burden of Its Fracking Boom
• Federal Reserve head Janet Yellen says US job market still needs help
• Democratic Congressman Wants Federal Investigation into ALEC-Backed Laws
• Jimmy Carter Urges Obama to Reject Keystone XL Pipeline
• Christie whitewash firm a big donor to political group headed by Christie
• Gov. Christie’s investment chief has major financial ties to firm that got $300M in NJ pension cash
Watch this! ►  Louisiana Democrat highlights independence from Obama in new ad
• Foul-Mouthed NM Gov. Susana Martinez (R-$#@*) Calls Opponent a 'B****,' Says She Won't Meet 'With Those F***ers'
• Anti-Obamacare States Are Falling Far Behind in Insuring People
• Appeals Court crushes lawsuit claiming Senate filibuster is unconstitutional
• Obama, Biden to Announce $600 Million for Job Grants
Analysis ►  Justice Stevens: the five extra words that can fix the Second Amendment
• Judge Upholds Corruption Charges Against Arkansas Treasurer
• Jan Brewer Signs Bill Allowing Snap Inspections of Arizona Abortion Clinics
• NYPD disbands controversial Muslim surveillance unit
Watch this! ►  Harry Reid Throws Down the Gauntlet on Bundy Ranch Terrorists
Watch this! ►  Russian paramilitary leaders in eastern Ukraine caught on tape communicating with Moscow
• Social Security stops trying to collect on old debts by seizing tax refunds
Analysis ►  U.S. Right Wing Extremists Are More Deadly Than Jihadists
• Obama Urges Putin to Rein in Ukraine Insurgents

Kathleen Sebelius Said to Consider Run for Senate from Kansas | Now Dan Backer Wants to “Disrupt” the Senate By Electing Sarah Palin | Analysis ►  “Awesome in its evilness”: How to make GOP pay for its Medicaid nightmare at the ballot box | Analysis ►  Is New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez the Next Sarah Palin? | Analysis ►  New Hampshire Senate Race May Reveal Obamacare's Fate | Texas Twins Campaign, But They Aren't Sure for What | Peter King: Rand Paul Would Be 'Disastrous' as President | Edwin Edwards, Ex-Con Former Governor, Raises $33,000 for Congressional Bid | Rand Paul’s surprising new enemies: Why GOP establishment wants him to get crushed | Watch this! ►  Analysis ►  Oligarchy? It's Never Too Late for American to Recapture Democracy

Reuters: 'Americans increasingly prefer Democrats on health care'

GOP Candidate 'Shoots Down' a Drone in New Ad

Analysis ►  Republican Outrage at IRS Is All About Protecting Karl Rove, Dark Money, Dems Say | Alaska Super PAC Fixated on Local Cred Is Actually Funded Almost Entirely By D.C. Money | The Group Karl Rove Formed to Prevent More Todd Akins Is Broke | Super PAC Leaders Score Perks from Political Donations | Chris Christie update: Guv wants to scrap campaign donation limits | Charles Koch Wonders Why People Don't Appreciate Him. Really.

Alaska GOP er Apologizes for Calling Breastfeading ..Smart and Sexy

Rep. Dennis Ross Tells Low-Income Constituent He Won't Support Raising Minimum Wage | Analysis ►  Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Goes Full John Bircher | Tea Party Rep. Ted Yoho 'Isn't Sure' Civil Rights Act Is Constitutional | Paul Ryan’s phony existential drama: How a P.R. stunt took on a life of its own | Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.): Raising the Minimum Wage Is 'Not Right'

Don’t Let Zombie Corporate Tax Breaks Come Back to Life

Brian Sandoval is first Republican governor to publicly seek renewal of unemployment compensation | Louisiana Lawmakers Vote to Keep Unconstitutional Law Banning Oral Sex on the Books | Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning Mandatory Minimum Wage, Vacation & Sick Leave | Funds for Investigating Rapes Blocked By Tennessee State Repubicans Read more at ONTD Political:

Analysis ►  Chris Christie's plausible BridgeGhazi deniability claim takes a hit | Bank of America's $6 Billion Legal Bill Cuts into Profit | Andy Coulson tells phone-hacking trial he heard David Blunkett voicemails | Analysis ►  Does it Matter Who Runs the Garden State?

NATO to bolster forces in eastern Europe | Clashes Erupt Between Jordan, Syria | Ukraine crisis: Kiev launches 'anti-terror operation' in east | Kiev's grip on eastern Ukraine weakens as pro-Russians seize army vehicles

Spanish Court Refuses to Close Guantánamo Torture Investigation

Watch this! ►  Maddow: Why Aren't Domestic Terrorists Cause for Concern? | Unsettling video shows large al Qaeda meeting in Yemen

Alleged Hillary Clinton Shoe Thrower Detained | Analysis ►  More Teachers Need to Show Students How Dangerous White Supremacists Are

Iran Meeting with U.N. Officials Over Envoy Dispute | Analysis ►  Petraeus: Prospect of Final Nuclear Deal with Iran Is ‘Now Maybe Better Than 50/50′ | North Koreans complain to London hairdresser about Kim Jong-un poster | Analysis ►  Russia Tests Obama's Ability to Stop Its Advances

Iraq Shuts Down the Abu Ghraib Prison, Citing Security Concerns

How Phoenix Convicted a Transgender Woman for Walking Down the Street | Gitmo Judge Delays the 9/11 Trial That Should’ve Ended Years Ago | Supreme Court to Consider Ohio Ban on Campaign Lies | Iowa Supreme Court Preserves Voting Rights for Some Former Offenders | Guantánamo judge adjourns hearings again over FBI spying claims | Lavabit loses contempt of court appeal over Edward Snowden encryption keys | Hacker 'Weev': 'Come Bring It, Federal Government' | Analysis ►  For the Roberts Court, Facts Are Malleable | Chelsea Manning Supporters Plot Appeal Targeting 'Draconian' Espionage Act Convictions | 9/11 families claim FBI spying on Guantánamo legal team 'sabotage' | Analysis ►  Scalia’s gay nightmare arrives: How an Ohio ruling is driving haters crazy | Pennsylvania Teen Convicted of a Crime for Recording Bullies at School

Analysis ►  So why do the Bundy Ranch militia folks think local sheriffs can disarm federal agents? | Distinctively tattooed neo-Nazi identified as suspect in knife attack outside CA bar | Analysis ►  Alleged Serial Killings Show GPS Ankle Monitors Can Be Beat

Analysis ►  Nevada Journalists: Conservative Media Darling Rancher Is Clearly "Breaking the Law" | Why is Public Television against public schools? | Oliver North, Now in the Service of TV’s K.G.B. | Bundy Ranch Supporters Eating Glenn Beck ALIVE for Not Supporting Armed Insurrection (Screenshots) | Perhaps it doesn't matter if the Daily Mirror's weeping child is a lie | Michael Ruppert Kills Self | Wingnut Welfare: John Bolton Raking in Billionaire Bucks | Analysis ►  ABC News must not want a latino audience. They've just hired a hardcore immigrant basher

Fox News outraged that all the people it told not to buy insurance can't get insurance until fall | Analysis ►  No Matter What Murdoch Says, Fox Is Still Pulling for the Tea Party

Analysis ►  The Economy Is 11 Percent Bigger Thanks to Women’s Work

Michael Lewis: 'Wall Street has gone insane'

Analysis ►  Democrats Have Modest Goals a Year After Background Check Defeat

Oklahoma school district OKs ‘Bible curriculum’ created by Hobby Lobby president

Oklahoma Will Charge Customers Who Install Their Own Solar Panels

The States That Have Embraced Obamacare Are Seeing Bigger Drops in Their Uninsurance Rates | Opinion ►  Sebelius's Resignation Should Spark Reform

Ministers refuse to apologise to US musician wrongly barred from Britain

As Fracking-Quake Link Becomes Clearer, Ohio Requires Stricter Seismic Monitoring | Why Are 20 Far-Away States Trying to Block the Cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay?

New York City Mayor Bringing Back Rental Assistance for the Homeless

Akamai Admits Its Heartbleed Patch Was Faulty, Has to Reissue All SSL Certs And Keys

Wholesome Christian Values: Lawsuit reveals teen was groomed as personal sex slave in the Duggar family’s movement

Hank Aaron Inundated with Racist Hate Mail After Calling Out Racism in America | Virginia KKK Leader: We're Not Racist, We're Just Misunderstood Christians

Anti-gay bigot Peter LaBarbera gets humiliated

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