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Two Republican Judges Order Obamacare Defunded
MH17: Obama says Putin 'directly responsible' for investigators' safety
Obama Urges Congress to Ban Job Bias Against Gays
President Obama statement on Ukraine
Joe Biden Once Looked at Putin And Said 'I Don't Think You Have a Soul'

Analysis ►  Federal court panel votes to defund Obamacare, but ruling isn't the last word
• Right-wing militias thrive post-Bundy — and the media won’t talk about it
• Issa’s surprising new enemies: Why Republicans are mad at him now, too
• Meet Jeremy Johnson, the alleged Internet scammer at the center of the scandal that may send Utah's last two Attorneys General to the slammer
• Outside Connecticut Fund-Raiser, a Protest Over Christie’s Veto of Gun Control Bill
• Detroit Retirees Approve Pension Cuts, a Crucial Step in Bankruptcy Case
• GOP Rep. David Jolly Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage
• A Small Latin American Country’s Battle Against Big Tobacco
• This Congressional Candidate Isn’t Running from Climate Change, She’s Running on It
• More than 700 killed in Syria as ISIS tightens grip on east
• Friend of accused Boston bomber found guilty of obstructing justice
• Major Spending on Elections Met with Total Apathy By Voters
• Russia-backed separatists agree to give black boxes to Malaysian government
• Syria Just Had Its Bloodiest Two Days Yet
Analysis ►   Raising the minimum wage creates more jobs
• Hero Billionaire Calls for a Three-Day Workweek
• Kerry returns to Mideast to push for cease-fire
• Putin Demands Access for International Experts at Malaysia Airlines Crash Site
• Republicans Freak Out at Learning Reagan Decree Protects Lois Lerner

Kentucky tea partiers angry at McConnell for supporting Cochran | Long, Bitter Georgia GOP Senate Primary Comes to An End | Analysis ►  How McConnell hides his position on 3 critical issues in his reelection fight | Mitt Romney, Chris Christie to Campaign for Asa Hutchinson in Arkansas | 10 key races that may hinge on the ‘war on women’ | Jack Kingston, David Perdue Zero in on Metro Atlanta in Heated Senate Race | Rick Perry Called Out Amid Feud with Rand Paul

Analysis ►  When a poll showing the GOP up two in the generic ballot is actually decent news for the Democrats | Midterm Calculus: Goodbye to the Republican Wave?

DNC raises almost $9M in June, cuts debt to $3M | Campaign Finance: Kay Hagan Sidesteps Democratic Party Turmoil in North Carolina

Judge dismisses Republican lawsuit over Obamacare subsidy for Congress | Ronald Reagan foils Darrell Issa | Rep. Keith Ellison Condemns ‘Deplorable' Situation in Gaza But Opposes Iftar Dinner Boycott | Members of Congress Take ‘Minimum Wage Challenge’ to Live Off Reduced Budget for a Week | GOP: We Treat Dems in House Better Than They Treat Us in Senate | Lindsey Graham Calls John Kerry 'Delusional,' Obama 'King of Indecision' | Watch this! ►  ROFL ►  Stephen Colbert Asks Nancy Pelosi If She Has Naked Pictures of John Boehner

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Tells Netroots: "Push Back And Fight Hard"

5 giant companies that are screwing the American taxpayer | The pro-tax evasion, pro-deficits party strikes again | Hedge funds used 'dubious' means to bypass tax rules, senators say

Detroit water shutoffs suspended for 15 days | Chris Christie’s housing fiasco: Touring the country as NJ’s urban core crumbles

Obama to Report Widening of Initiative for Black and Latino Boys | Obama’s Secret to Handling Criticism? Focus, and No TV

Did Rep. Mikey "Suits" Grimm (R-Staten Island) Bring in a New Lawyer for the Plea Bargain?

Seven Israeli Soldiers Killed in Last 24 Hours in Gaza | Preview ►  Obama to bestow Medal of Honor on NH veteran | Ukraine launches assault on Donetsk rebels | Putin Demands Access for International Experts at Malaysia Airlines Crash Site | U.S. Presses Case Against Russia on Downed Jet | UN: Iran Turns Nuclear Material into More Harmless Forms | Time is running out for Iraq as nation spirals into chaos | Kerry Says Russia Trained Separatists to Use Antiaircraft Missiles | MH17: missile launcher was in towns near crash site, videos suggest | Foreign Advisers Killed in Suicide Attack Outside Kabul Airport | Analysis ►  MH17 and the Long Term Costs of Russia's Ukraine Incursion | Hamas 'Captures Israeli Soldier' Amid Shelling

As the VA Flounders, Community Nonprofits Step in for Veterans

Analysis ►  9/11 Commission Report a Decade Later: Threats Have Evolved, U.S. Hasn't

Eliminationist Racist Thug Researcher for Anti-Immigration Think Tank Wants to See Obama’s ‘Head on a Skewer’

Analysis ►  MH17 Is Changing EU’s Game on Russia | UN to Vote on Crash Resolution; Russia Has Doubts | U.S.-Africa Leaders' Summit: Let's Ensure it's on the Positive Side of History | Kerry Expresses Exasperation with Civilian Toll in Gaza | Analysis ►  5 Ways the U.S. Could Rebuke Russia If It Played a Role in the Malaysian Plane Crash

Racy Photos Were Often Shared at N.S.A., Snowden Says

Arizona Blocked By Federal Appeals Court from Executing Joseph Wood | Gay couple challenges legal halt to same-sex marriage in the Florida Keys | Analysis ►  Born of corruption, why would anyone expect this SCOTUS majority to be anything but corrupt? | Anti-Contraception Nurse Sues Family Planning Center for Not Hiring Her

Deputy police chief with alleged ties to Ku Klux Klan resigns | Watch this! ►  John Oliver: US prisons are full because ‘our drug laws are a little draconian, and a lot racist’ | New York City to Pay $2.75 Million to Settle Suit in Death of Rikers Island Inmate | FBI Terrorism Sting Tactics Under New Scrutiny in Report, Documentaries | Al Sharpton demands justice for victim of apparent police chokehold

Watch this! ►  "You couldn't have been more wrong!" | Watch this! ►  Lindsey Graham Blames Obama for Every Problem on Earth While David Gregory Nods | Analysis ►  From atrociously bad argumentation to humiliating propaganda, here's just how crazy Dinesh D'Souza's new movie is | Analysis ►  Hot Mic Moments Are Nothing New | MH17: Twitter and Facebook spammers exploit crash | Watch this! ►  Jon Stewart exposes fake bluster behind impeachment push (and why there will not be one) | Watch this! ►  Bush Fluffer Ron Fournier Blames Crisis with Russia on Obama's 'Aloof Foreign Policy' | George Clooney on his Daily Mail assault: it's fun to slap those bad guys | Glenn Beck Compares Common Core to Slavery

Rupert Murdoch Reportedly Selling Sky Assets to Boost Time Warner Bid | Analysis ►  Kerry Shuts Up Fox's Wallace, 'You Never Want to Give Obama Admin Credit for Anything' | Fox News Accidentally Exposes Recklessness Behind NRA's Defense of a "Battlefield Weapon" | Sky News apologizes after reporter rummages through luggage of flight MH17 victim on air | Fox News Correspondent Has a Meltdown Over Obama's LGBT Non-Discrimination Order

Limbaugh: Michael Sam Makes the St. Louis Rams "A Social Experiment," Not a Football Team

Food stamp numbers are finally dropping from recession highs

Hedge funds used 'dubious' means to bypass tax rules, senators say

Elizabeth Warren Says the U.S. Can 'Save Social Security' By Passing Immigration Reform

Wind Turbine Manufacturer Hiring 800 People in Colorado as Orders Pile Up

How Your Health Insurance Company Can Still Screw You, Despite Obamacare

Mass. Governor compares immigrant kids to Jews turned away in 1939, offers to shelter them | Rick Perry Sending Up to 1,000 National Guard Troops to Border | Young Leaders on the Front Lines to Defend Voter Rights | Analysis ►  Obama's Immigration Decisions Will Shape Both Parties for Years

Analysis ►  How Hobby Lobby Killed Religious Liberty | Analysis ►   Rise of the Christian left: Why the religious right’s moment may be ending

Racist Huckabee Refers to Palestinians as Vicious, Mad Dogs | Native American Tribe Cancels Ted Nugent Casino Concert Over Racist Comments

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