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Lawyer’s Bid to Become America’s Top Civil Rights Attorney Fails Because He Supported Civil Rights
Turning Tables, Democrats Use Cultural Issues as a Cudgel

Watch this! ►  "You've Reached 911, Leave a Message": Lawlessness in Rural Oregon
• From Tragedy to Farce: How Fox News And the GOP Tarnished Benghazi
• Kerry Says U.S. Is Open to Talking to Iran, Even as Ayatollah Is Dismissive
• Number of Americans Without Health Insurance Falls, Survey Shows
• White House Backs Use of Body Cameras By Police
• U.S. Launches Airstrikes Against ISIS Near Baghdad, Marking First Step in Expanded Fight
• Some Atheists and Transhumanists are Asking: Should it be Illegal to Indoctrinate Kids with Religion?
• Dreamers Demand Immigration Answers from Hillary Clinton in Iowa
• Former DOJ Civil Rights Nominee Debo Adegbile: Principles More Important Than a Job Title
• Lindsey Graham Changes Mind About Putting Boots on the Ground in Syria
• Kochs proving toxic to Republicans in key states
• Contaminated Water Caused By Leaky Wells, Not Fracking Process, Study Says

Six Videos That Prove Ayn Rand Now Rules 'Christian' Conservatism

No, the Democrats Won't Win Back the House, But… | Even Kansas Republicans have had enough hardcore conservatism | Scott Walker looks to gain votes by attacking jobless aid and food stamp applicants | Low-wage voters could give themselves a raise in four GOP-controlled states this November | Wait, What Kind of Plan? Tea Party Candidate Dodges Insurance Question | Koch-linked group harassing Iowa farmers group for endorsing Democrat | With Hillary Clinton in Iowa, potential challengers seek spotlight | Bernie Sanders in Iowa: Soldiers didn’t die ‘so billionaires could buy elections’ | Analysis ►  Conservative Experiment Faces Revolt in Reliably Red Kansas | At a Steak Fry in Iowa, the Clintons Sell Their Brand of Sizzle | Senator Bernie Sanders 'thinking of running for president' in 2016 | Hillary Clinton All But Announces Her 2016 Campaign in Iowa | Sen. Mark Kirk Fundraises Off Manufactured Fear of 2016 Michelle Obama Senate Candidacy | Defying Unions, Democrat Gina M. Raimondo Vies to Become Rhode Island’s First Female Governor | Watch this! ►  Opinion ►  Run, Bernie, Run | Chris Christie Latest Potential 2016 Contender to Visit South Carolina

Poll Finds Pat Roberts Trailing Independent Candidate | 72% of Americans Disapprove of Republicans in Congress

Opinion ►  Nearly every generation has amended the Constitution to help expand democracy. Now it's our turn.

Arizona Republican vice chair resigns after he suggests sterilizing welfare recipients

District of Columbia Officials Push for Statehood at a Senate Committee Hearing | Paycheck Fairness Act Blocked Again By Senate GOP | Analysis ►  John McCain is a Dangerous Radical

Meet the Democrats' Secret Savior Against Cuomo Corporatism

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Appointing Fewer Black Judges Than Predecessors | Ohio’s anti-choice nightmare: How a purple state is pioneering how to shutter clinics | Is Vulnerable Gov Pat Quinn (D. IL) Finally Rebounding in the Polls?

Congressman Mark Sanford agrees to mediation in high-profile divorce | Even Luther Strange's Lawyers Seem to Admit That Games at VictoryLand Casino Constitute Bingo

British Muslims Propose New Name for ISIS: the ‘UnIslamic State’ | Drone footage reveals what little remains of Gaza right now | Opinion ►  The Best Way the U.S. Can Help Fight ISIL Is Staying Out

Analysis ►  Bush, Cheney Created Conditions that Led Directly to ISIL | U.S. Pushes Back Against Warnings That ISIS Plans to Enter from Mexico

Leaders gather in Paris to map out campaign against ISIS as UK edges towards military action | Iran Rejects a Global Strategy Against Islamic State Militants

Right Wing Swedish Prime Minister Resigns After Election Loss

Google: US government demands for user data have risen 250% since 2009 | Holder Says Private Suit Risks State Secrets

Watch this! ►  See Jon Stewart's Priceless Impression of Lindsey Graham Scaring Himself | What Role Do Social Media Companies Have in Stopping Speech?

Fox News Aired Nearly 1,100 Benghazi Segments Across 5 Programs, Study Finds | Watch this! ►  Harvey Levin Schools Howie Kurtz on Fox | Fox News Acknowledges 160 Airstrikes Against Islamic State, Still Claims Obama Hasn't Taken Action

Limbaugh Slams Sex Consent Policies: ‘No Means Yes If You Know How to Spot It’

Chaos in Wisconsin After Federal Court Reinstates Voter ID Law | More Republican Voter Disenfranchisement Over the Weekend – Why ARe They So Scared of Voters?

Rules Suspended During Recession Making a Comeback, Jeopardizing Benefits for Many

Top Flack at Walmart Resigns After Allegedly Getting Caught Lying About College Degree

Media bias is dangerous but outright bias can get many killed | Kent State University "Vintage Sweatshirt" with splotches that look like blood spark outrage

The big college ranking sham: Why you must ignore U.S. News and World’s Report list

Duke Energy Commits to Largest Solar Farm East of Mississippi

FDA considers ban on electric shock conditioning for autistic patients

Antigovernment Group Tries to Organize Mass Shutdown of Ports of Entry on U.S.-Mexico Border

Bible-pushing Christians open the door for Satanic activity books in Florida schools

Facts vs. the GOP: Why America is living through a new era of segregation

Gillibrand: I Couldn't Tell My Harasser 'To Go F*** Himself' | Florida cops often drop rape cases unless victims tell them to investigate: NYT | Gillibrand, 'Goodell Should Resign If He Lied About Ray Rice Video'

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