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Capitol’s Partisanship Is Taking Hold in Governors’ Ranks
MS-Sen: Dirty Tricks, Tea Party Suicide, and Rising Mississippi Anger
Eric Holder: 'racial animus' drives some opponents of Obama administration

• President Obama engages gay rights activist – whose hilarious comeback got a laugh out of POTUS
Watch this! ►  Face the Nation: Rep. Gutierrez Destroys GOP Border Crisis Lies
• Wisconsin case suggests how vote fraud “re-elected” Walker and the other fascists there
• U.S. Marines air chief wants to curb 'big wish lists' for arms upgrades - See more at:
• Human Blowback from US Interventions in Central America
• Margaret Thatcher 'personally covered up' child abuse allegations against senior ministers
• Moms with Guns Founder on Obama: ‘Where Is An Assassin When You Need One?’
• Sandra Fluke to run for California state senate

How Republicans can save themselves — as the party of legal weed

Edwin Edwards – in Louisiana He's Not Just the Punchline to a Joke | Analysis ►  Cantor’s “upset” may have been another Koch-run coup | Warren's Message Popular on Campaign Trail Across Country | Analysis ►   7 libertarian upstarts who might help Democrats keep their U.S. Senate majority

Republicans Keep House Edge in Democratic-Leaning States

Watch this! ►  Undeterred by failure, Kochs try another Obamacare lie

Watch this! ►  Rep. Rogers Claims Kids Are Safer in Central America Because They're Being Recruited into Gangs on the Way to the U.S.

Democrat Calls Out GOP’s Xenophobia, Urges Obama to Protect Unaccompanied Children | Crazy Wingnut Steve Stockman Wants to Send the Cops to Arrest Lois Lerner | Busted by videotape! McConnell tries to disavow Ryan budget, but here’s the truth | Rand Paul’s twisted race lies: His new views on civil rights are as phony as the old ones

IRS Fines Marijuana Merchants for Refusing to Commit a Felony

Watch this! ►  Texas AG Abbott Finds Another Excuse to Sue the Obama Administration | Emails Reveal Extensive Failures in Michigan Prison Food Privatization Scheme

Analysis ►  Opinion ►  Obama playing footsie with Big Oil on “bomb trains” regulations | This ONE Photo Says All You Need to Know About Obama's Relationship with Rick Perry

Ex-Bush Lawyer Convicted of Trying to Kill Wife

Digby on the latest border conspiracy claptrap

North Korea fires missiles into sea in apparent anger over military drill | Iraq: Gunmen kill 'at least 29' in attack in Baghdad | Gunmen Kill at Least 33, Including 29 Women, in Attack on Baghdad Compound | Tripoli airport hit by severe attack from Islamist militia | Israel Readies Itself for Ground Invasion | Israel air strike 'hits charitable association for disabled' in Gaza | Amateur archeologists say they found lost Army fort in Florida’s Everglades

Opinion ►  For opening Iraq up to Islamist slaughterers, Bush and Cheney should be tried for war cimes | Iraq: Government Forces Execute 255 Sunni Prisoners in Response to ISIS Atrocities, Says Report

Eric Holder Concerned Foreign Fighters in Syria Are Working with Yemeni Bomb Makers

SPLC Issues Bundy Ranch Report | MD Man Appeared to Plot to Kill DE Judge, Authorities Say

US official: Iran nuclear talks positions 'inadequate and unworkable' | Iran Sketches Possible Nuke Compromise

Torturing the Elderly: Ninety Years Old, Deaf, and in "the Hole" in a Florida Prison | Watch this! ►  Cops pummel, tase, shoot suspect with bean bags in video — but no investigation done

Analysis ►  Why David Gregory Should Be Fired from Meet the Press, in Two Minutes | This Week Panelists Dismiss Palin: "Nobody of Relevance" Calling for Obama Impeachment | NYT 's Maureen Dowd: "There's Something Unseemly" About Chelsea Clinton Charity Speeches | Ann Coulter Meets 'Real Republicans,' Despises Them for Idiots

Fox's Brit Hume Deflates Fox News Claims That Increased National Guard Presence Would Resolve Border Security Issues

14 years in, the American Century is over: How our country went down in a blaze of shame

Apple Denies China Assertions on IPhone as Security Risk

Republican Governors Skirt 'Radioactive' Common Core Standards | Common Core earns sharp criticism from teachers union that once supported it

Mad scientists at U Wisconsin recreate 1918 flu virus, and give it wings (and sane scientists call the project “crazy”)

Rick Perry: 'The Most Humanitarian Thing' Is Deporting Refugees Kids Quickly

Walmart planned for endangered forest lands in South Florida

Religious right’s huge risk: Why their new talking point may come back to haunt them | Analysis ►  In the New York Times today – - where the hate is among the younger set

The Reality of Abortion Clinics Without Buffer Zones

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