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Rift widens between Obama, U.S. military over strategy to fight Islamic State
At U.N., Kerry Thanks Other Nations for Their Support in Fighting Islamic State
Biden Uses Denver Appearance to Make Passionate Case for Domestic Violence Advocacy

• Kansas Senate Ballots Will Be Sent Out Without Dem Nominee Listed (And It's Good News for Dems)
• To Win Back Older Voters, Democrats Talk Up Social Security
• A Florida Race Strains Wallets and Loyalties
• New York City Prepares to Host Climate Change March
• Creationism is just the start: How right-wing Christians are warping Americaís schools
Analysis ►   Antonin Scaliaís bad law, bad history: How the Supreme Court legalized corruption
• "Someday" is Now for Solar and Wind Power, says Lazard
• White House evacuated by secret service after intruder enters grounds
• Perdue slammed for heinous false ad linking Nunn to terrorism
• FCC Chairman Wheeler: Broadband reclassification 'very much on the table'
Preview ►  Obama to Tout U.S. Action on Climate at U.N. Summit
Analysis ►  Midterm Calculus: in Senate Battle, the Wild Cards Become Alaska and Kansas
Analysis ►  Does the Islamic State (aka ISIS and ISIL) Pose a Threat to America?

Analysis ►   When Republicans went insane

Wendy Davis, Greg Abbott Court Hispanic Voters in First Gubernatorial Debate | Analysis ►  Democrats Pin Senate Hopes on a Kansan | Autobiography to launch Cuomo presidential run shelved | Libertarians Aren't Sold on Ted Cruz Yet | Kansas Democrats may stymie GOP with obscure name on Senate ballot

Monica Wehby Fights to Keep Her Campaign Afloat | RNC Bests DNC in August Fundraising

Sen. Boxer Tears into GOP Senator for Focus on Attacking Obama, Not ISIS | Why the Failed Paycheck Fairness Act Vote Matters

Chris Christie accuses 'Bridgegate' panel of playing politics | Analysis ►  TEA PARTY TURNS KANSAS BLUE! | Hypocrite Rick Snyder now touting Medicaid expansion he originally fought | Virginia Republicans rebuff voters, torpedo Medicaid expansion again

With U.S. help, determined Kurds push back ISIS in fiery battle | Suspicions Run Deep in Iraq That C.I.A. and the Islamic State Are United | Analysis ►  Is Obama really going back to war with a worse legal rationale than Bush? He still won't say | Army chief of staff says U.S. may need more troops in Iraq

White House intruder was Iraq vet with PTSD

U.S. Suspects Terror Threats More Direct Than ISIS | Egyptian man pleads guilty to 1998 US embassy bombings charges | Passenger Removed from Flight for Writing About Terrorism - See more at: | Why the US Government's Counter-Terrorism Tweeters Are Finding it Tough to Fight ISIS Online

Ron Wyden Hits CIA Director John Brennan Over 'Culture of Misinformation'

Republicans Switch Firm Handling Obama Suit

Portland police's problem with race: 'This city is not as liberal as it thinks it is'

Wash. Times Botches Another Story on Gun Background Checks | Pennsylvania NBC Affiliate's Error Leads Gun Bloggers to Make False Attack Against Background Checks

Watch this! ►  Jack Kingston Attempts to Play the 'Blue Collar' VS 'White Collar' Divide And Conquer Game And Fails

New marijuana PSA mocks Maureen Dowdís pot freakout | Maine bucks national trend, has more uninsured

Escape from Duggarville: How playing the good Christian housewife almost killed me

Gay conservatives trying to change GOP's mind on same sex marriage | Gays gassed at event in Russia

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