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U.S. Mobilizes Allies to Widen Assault on ISIS
Breaking: Irreversible Damage Seen from Climate Change in UN Leak

• Obama Crafts Legal Rationale for Immigration Steps
• Politicians and Billionaires: Pledging Allegiance to Each Other in Secret
• Reagan Appointee 'Unravels FedEx's Business Model' in Court Ruling
Analysis ►  Karl Rove exposes how to make Republicans run scared on Social Security, Medicare
• FBI files link Christian TV’s Paul Crouch to Italian mob, Palestinian gun trafficking
• U.S. budget office downgrades GDP growth estimate to 1.5%
• Right-wing hawks want another war? Make them vote on it
• UN Panel: Crimes Against Humanity Spread in Syria, Including Possible Gas Attack
• Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine as Putin embraces the Bush legacy of foreign failure
• Arizona Republicans Make Pick to Succeed Jan Brewer as Governor
• Caught on Tape: McConnell Disses Student Loans, Minimum Wage, And More at Koch Summit
• Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty
• Ferguson Protesters Get Meeting with U.S. Attorney Instead of Arrests
• Marco Rubio Hints at a Government Shutdown Fight Over Immigration
• Leader of Connecticut’s Health Marketplace Is Named to Run Federal Program
• Judges blast Ind., Wis. gay marriage bans
• Andrew Cuomo Loses NY Times Endorsement, Paper Cites Ethics 'Failure'
• Ex-Virginia Governor and Prosecutor Bicker Over Loan Deal
• Federal Judge Tries to Make It Easier to Obtain a Murder Weapon in California
Analysis ►  Rick Perry's Indictment Could Make Him Tea Party Poster Child
• Legal Schnauzer: I Lost My Job Six Years Ago for Reporting That Judge Mark Fuller Is Corrupt
• IA-Sen: Joni Ernst's Role in Sex Assault Case Questioned

The left’s secret midterm weapon: How marijuana ballot initiatives can change turnout | Rickie Lee Jones Helped Alan Grayson Win His Primary Today | Charlie Crist cruises in Democratic primary win, but race against Rick Scott is tough toss-up | Nebraska Candidate for Governor: Keystone XL Is ‘A Climate Change Issue’ | Democrats Could, Ironically, Hold the Senate If One of Their Candidates Drops Out | Democrats Want Scott Brown to Resign from a Company That Outsources Jobs | Why Nebraska’s ‘Top Climate Denier’ Congressman Could Lose His Seat in November | TX-06: "I can get really angry about it!" Meet the Dem taking on Joe Barton and his own party | Future of Export-Import Bank Is Wild Card in Key Senate Races | Gordon Klingenschmidt, Colorado state candidate, drops another homophobic bombshell | Libertarians’ true identity revealed: Rich conservatives OK with gay people, basically | Mitt Romney: No 2016 presidential bid, but "circumstances can change" | Palin: Stand Proud for Racist Football Team Name, Resist 'Leftist Control'

Polls Show Close Races in Iowa, Wisconsin | Most New Yorkers Want to See Criminal Charges in the Death of Eric Garner

4 dumbest campaign ads of '14

At Koch Retreat, Koch Whores Top GOP Senate Candidates Credited Koch Network for Their Rise | Romney to Raise Money for McConnell in Kentucky

House Republicans Are Trying to Make Money Laundering a Lot Easier | John Boehner's Toy Monkey Video Is… Incredible | Analysis ►  Jane Harman: Why is Congress AWOL? | Senator Says Her Male Colleagues Called Her ‘Porky’ And ‘Chubby’

Nets Keep Anti-Abortion Protesters Off Huntsville, AL School Grounds

Analysis ►  Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Bizarre Scheme to Stop His Own Education Plan By Suing the Obama Administration

Ex-federal official convicted in child porn case | McDonnell "Gifts" Trial: Virginia’s Ex-Governor Pushes Back in Testy Exchange with Prosecutors

An anti-government obsession spreads to the black community

Paul Krugman: “Rick Perry doesn’t know the secrets of job creation”

Preventing Jihadi Johns & Saving Future James Foleys: Research on Combatting Homegrown Terrorism & Radicalization | American Douglas McAuthur McCain Dies Fighting for ISIS in Syria

Cherron Phillips: Chicago’s sovereign citizen ‘paper terrorist’ and her NBA secret | A science fiction author ponders the dystopic landscape of the sovereign citizen mind

Juror in Renisha McBride case: “No one believed” her killer’s claim of self-defense

Long-Simmering Anger Over Police Violence Erupts at St. Louis Forum | Cop Said Handcuffed Prisoner Shot Himself in Back; Autopsy Shows Entrance Wound in Chest | AG Mike DeWine Was Unable to Practice Law in Ohio for Almost 10 Years | Man Says He Was Detained for 6 Hours Because Police Wouldn’t Watch the Video Proving Him Innocent | Kansas police shot unarmed suicidal teen 16 times as family says they begged them not to | Another citizen killed with a taser. for being too tired to walk | How cops get away with it: Why the government can read your emails, but not count shooting deaths | In Ferguson, 'Everybody Had a Bad Experience' with Police

Time Warner Cable suffers major outage; New York launches probe | New York City Television Stations Give Lopsided Coverage to Black Crime | Watch this! ►  Chuck Todd Sets the Stage for a More Pro-GOP "Meet the Press" | Analysis ►  Maureen Dowd’s Sorkin-esque mess: What’s behind her vacuous, unreadable swipe at Obama’s golf game | NBC's Turness Wants to Make Meet the Press Edgier | Morning Joe And Politico Do a Free Ad for the Koch Brothers

Fox News again pines for Vladimir Putin to be in charge

Federal Election Commission Enacts Policies by Not Acting

Karl Rove admits left's position on Social Security, Medicare is more popular

The NRA Pissed Off the Wrong Nerd Genius | Officials: 'Cops' TV show crewman dies after being shot during Wendy's robbery

Why Conservative Christian Homeschoolers Are Fighting Standards That Don’t Apply to Them

'Ban E-cigarette use indoors,' says WHO | Americans Believe Ebola Poses a Much Bigger Threat to Them Than It Actually Does

Analysis ►  They're killing us

Ferguson’s booming white grievance industry: Fox News, Darren Wilson and friends

California goes all in for reproductive rights: “Abortion is a basic health care service”

SEIU Wins Election to Represent Minnesota Home Care Workers

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