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Bloomberg Plans a $50 Million Challenge to the N.R.A.
Study Ties Epic California Drought, ‘Frigid East’ to Manmade Climate Change
Christie Discussed Wildstein Claims About Bridge Tie-Ups B
Obama Confronts Putin in Call as Crisis Escalates
Pulitzer Vindicates: Snowden Journalists Win Top Honor

• Judge Upholds Corruption Charges Against Arkansas Treasurer
• Jan Brewer Signs Bill Allowing Snap Inspections of Arizona Abortion Clinics
• NYPD disbands controversial Muslim surveillance unit
Watch this! ►  Harry Reid Throws Down the Gauntlet on Bundy Ranch Terrorists
Watch this! ►  Russian paramilitary leaders in eastern Ukraine caught on tape communicating with Moscow
• Social Security stops trying to collect on old debts by seizing tax refunds
Analysis ►  U.S. Right Wing Extremists Are More Deadly Than Jihadists
• Obama Urges Putin to Rein in Ukraine Insurgents
• Fox News Lies About 'Skyrocketing' Health Insurance Rates
Watch this! ►  Obama: Religious intolerance has 'no place in our society'
• NSA apologist Peter King calls Greenwald Pulitzer a “disgrace”
• Pulitzer prize for the Guardian, silence from the UK's right-wing press
• Harry Reid says the Bundy Ranch standoff in Nevada is "not over"

What Can Gloria Bromell Tinubu Do for You If She's Elected to Congress? | MS Tea Partier Chris McDaniel hit with more awkward statements from his radio past | FL-Gov: Charlie Crist Aggressively Goes After Rick Scott | Analysis ►  Wingnuts’ new 2016 hero? Marsha Blackburn is perfect!

Devastating New Poll: GOP in Danger of Losing House in November

Watch this! ►  Only one small problem with this GOP Senate hopeful's explanation for missing votes during campaign

Super PAC Leaders Score Perks from Political Donations | Mitch McConnell Has Best Fundraising Quarter So Far This Cycle, Takes in $2.4 Million

Tea Party Rep. Ted Yoho 'Isn't Sure' Civil Rights Act Is Constitutional | Congressman Denies Manmade Climate Change, Calls It ‘An Agenda-Driven Science’ | FBI abruptly leaves Senate hearing after being asked about anti-whistleblower ‘Insider Threat’ program | Political Rifts Slow U.S. Effort on Climate Laws | GOP steps in an absolutism trap again: Why it’s sabotaging itself on Obamacare

CBO Lowers Obamacare's Price Tag By $104 Billion Over 10 Years

Social Security stops trying to collect on old taxpayer debts | IRS will audit fewer Americans than any time since the 1980s | Don’t Let Zombie Corporate Tax Breaks Come Back to Life

Wisconsin Republicans to Vote on Secession | Virginia Republicans flirt with state government shutdown over Medicaid | Rick Perry hires defense attorney following arguably felonious veto | The Nevada GOP has stripped both opposition to gay marriage and abortion from its party platform | Louisiana Accuses Planned Parenthood of Using Sex Ed as a Scheme to Sell More Abortions

Obama Remembers Kansas Shooting Victims

Analysis ►  Does it Matter Who Runs the Garden State? | Chelsea Manning's 35-year prison sentence upheld by US army general | Port Authority Commissioner to Step Down After 15 Years | Manhattan DA Opens Investigation into Port Authority, Christie Administration | The US Military Has Been ‘At War’ in Africa on the Sly for Years

Ukraine crisis: Kiev launches 'anti-terror operation' in east | Ukraine says Donetsk 'anti-terror operation' under way | Ukraine’s president calls for deployment of U.N. peacekeeping troops | Russian fighter jet made repeated passes close to US warship in Black Sea | Jordan Ambassador Kidnapped: Gunmen Abduct Fawaz al-Etan in Libya, Official Says

Cliven Bundy And Pals Planned to Use Women as Human Shields | Rude Pundit Update; White Supremacists Are More Dangerous Terrorists Than Al-Qaeda | Analysis ►  It's torture. If they still won't call it what it is, you know it will happen again.

Alleged Hillary Clinton Shoe Thrower Detained | Federal Charges Filed Against Woman Accused of Throwing Shoe at Hillary Clinton

Iran Meeting with U.N. Officials Over Envoy Dispute | With Ukraine Tensions Mounting, U.S. Weighs New Sanctions Against Russia | White House Confirms CIA Director's Trip to Kiev | North Koreans complain to London hairdresser about Kim Jong-un poster | Analysis ►  Russia Tests Obama's Ability to Stop Its Advances

Iraq Shuts Down the Abu Ghraib Prison, Citing Security Concerns

Guantánamo judge adjourns hearings again over FBI spying claims | Federal judge orders Ohio to recognize gay marriages from other states | Chelsea Manning Supporters Plot Appeal Targeting 'Draconian' Espionage Act Convictions | Analysis ►  Why the Supreme Court Should Allow Cameras | Pennsylvania Teen Convicted of a Crime for Recording Bullies at School

Analysis ►  So why do the Bundy Ranch militia folks think local sheriffs can disarm federal agents? | The Best Comment About This Bundy Situation | Eric Holder 'Cautiously Optimistic' About Marijuana Legalization | Convicted sex offenders wore GPS monitors during killing spree

Watch this! ►  ROFL ►  Lewis Black praises socialism as ‘enforced Christianity’ in National Press Club speech | Greenwald and Poitras’ return: What’s the real reason they weren’t arrested? | ROFL ►  Lewis Black praises socialism as ‘enforced Christianity’ in National Press Club speech | Globe wins Pulitzer for Boston bombing coverage | The Pulitzers 2014: real journalism rewarded | Oliver North, Now in the Service of TV’s K.G.B. | From Death Panels to Death Spirals: the Right-Wing Media's Epic Five-Year Health Care Disinformation Campaign | Michael Ruppert Kills Self | Wingnut Welfare: John Bolton Raking in Billionaire Bucks | Analysis ►  ABC News must not want a latino audience. They've just hired a hardcore immigrant basher | On MSNBC's All in , Eric Boehlert Discusses Right-Wing Media Support for Lawless Rancher

Fox News outraged that all the people it told not to buy insurance can't get insurance until fall | Analysis ►  No Matter What Murdoch Says, Fox Is Still Pulling for the Tea Party | Hannity Gives Platform for Lawless Rancher to Demand Forcible Disarmament of Federal Officers

Rush Limbaugh's Subconscious Believes Hillary Clinton Staged Shoe-Throwing Incident

Rising Rents And Flat Wages Mean Americans Can’t Afford to Live in Cities | Watch this! ►  Libertarian Alan Greenspan Admits: Libertarian Economics Don’t Work!

“We are in great danger”: Ex-banker details how mega-banks destroyed America

Nahshon Shelton Pulls Out Submachine Gun, Threatens to Kill Over Soda Tax, Police Say

It Took 50 Years, But the University of Alabama Has Finally Embraced Integration

Opinion ►  Sebelius's Resignation Should Spark Reform | Analysis ►  Warning! NSFW ►  Dear GOP: STFU on ACA Repeal

As Fracking-Quake Link Becomes Clearer, Ohio Requires Stricter Seismic Monitoring

Warning! NSFW ►  Reddit co-founder tells Joe Rogan: Cable companies about to ‘f*ck up’ the Internet | Now Is the Time to Rebuild Our National Infrastructure | Akamai Admits Its Heartbleed Patch Was Faulty, Has to Reissue All SSL Certs And Keys

Westboro Baptist Church says it will picket Alaska Native Heritage Center

Hank Aaron Inundated with Racist Hate Mail After Calling Out Racism in America | White supremacist Cobb set for sentencing April 29 | Virginia KKK Leader: We're Not Racist, We're Just Misunderstood Christians

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