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Obamacare Has Helped Americans Save Nearly $2 Billion on Their Insurance Premiums
Study finds record-low midterm turnout amid widespread discontent
Senator’s Thesis Turns Out to Be Remix of Others’ Works, Uncited
Arizona’s Execution Attempt Goes Horribly Wrong as Man Remains Alive Nearly 2 Hours After Injection
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Under Fire for Meddling in Anti-Corruption Panel He Created
The Intercept Publishes the Government's Guide to the No-Fly List
Ukraine rebel commander acknowledges fighters had BUK missile

• EU court says CIA ran "black site" at Stare Kiejkuty
Analysis ►  Overtaken by Events: Obama and the Myth of Presidential Control
• Control of Senate May Hinge on Georgia Race
• John Kerry 'wanded' by security guards at Egypt's presidential palace
• Kerry Claims Progress Toward Gaza Truce, but Hamas Leader Is Defiant
• FAA Ends Ban on U.S. Airlines’ Flights to Israeli Airport
• States Against E.P.A. Rule on Carbon Pollution Would Gain, Study Finds
• Health Insurers Set to Give Out More Obamacare Refunds
• Federal judge rules Colorado gay marriage ban unconstitutional, but orders temporary stay
• Federal Judge Overturns Colorado’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage
• Scott Walker Received Money from Companies That Outsource Jobs, Despite Criticizing Rival
• Democrats Top List of Super PAC Mega-Donors
Opinion ►  Time for Harry Reid to Blow Up the Filibuster and Confirm All Nominees Now

GA-Sen: Hank Aaron Shows Support for Democrat Michelle Nunn | Columbus Mayor to Democrats: Have Convention Here Or Lose | Analysis ►  GA-Sen: Democrats Now Have a Shot | The clown car is now accepting passengers: Michele Bachmann announces she might run for president again | GOP Senate Candidate Looking to Reform Social Security Won't Name Single Reform Policy | GA-Sen: David Perdue Scoffs at Michelle Nunn's Experience Running Major Nonprofit | MI-Gov: Rick Snyder's Campaign Met with Ambivalence | Republican senators wonder: What if Mitch McConnell loses? | GA-Sen: Upset in GOP Runoff! David Perdue defeats Jack Kingston | It's no secret that Democrats have a turnout problem | Watch this! ►  Grimes hits McConnell's 'Not my job' remark in new ad | Chamber of Commerce Attacks Georgia GOP Senate Candidate as a Crying Baby | Opinion ►  Ted Cruz, You Are Nixon in Cowboy Boots | Sarah Palin ticketed for speeding in Alaska | Newt Gingrich: GOPers Focusing 2014 Campaigns on Obama Are 'Maniacally Stupid'

New Poll Shows Dead Heat in Wisconsin Governor's Race | NC-Sen: PPP gives Hagan a seven point lead, but with some warning signs

Maryland State Senator Must Drop Hershey Bar-Like Signs

Obama arrives in Bay Area for fundraiser | Obama to Make 3-Day Fund-Raising Trip to West Coast

Gov. Brewer: Inmate who gasped and snorted for almost two hours before dying in botched execution "did not suffer." | Obama Is Using Malaysia Airlines Crash to Advance 'Radical Homosexual Agenda,' According to Bryan Fischer

Senate Democrats Lay Out Plan for Border Crisis | Conservatives Want This Republican to Apologize for Supporting Gay Marriage | Meet Republican Jody Hice, the (likely) new craziest member of Congress | Analysis ►  Now they've gone too far. Time for Harry Reid to blow up the filibuster and confirm all nominees now | John Boehner: Obama, Democrats 'Jeopardizing Our Ability' to Resolve Border Crisis | Marco Rubio Accuses Gay Marriage Advocates of ‘Intolerance’ And ‘Hypocrisy’ | Hospitals a No-Show at Senate Hearing: What's Up with This? | Analysis ►  In Washington, it's Politics vs. Problem Solving | Steve King: Obama 'was not raised with an American experience'

Tea Party town hall erupts as Texas state Rep urges ‘compassion’ for migrant kids | GOP Madness Surfaces in Texas

21 Protesters Arrested While Attempting to Block the First Tar Sands Mine in America

Liberal Nationalism Is Not Only Possible, It's Essential

Mississippi Cuts $1.3 Billion from Schools, Gives $1.3 Billion to Nissan | Massachusetts Bill Limiting Protests at Abortion Clinics Goes to the Governor | Louisiana governor sued over Common Core education 'chaos'

Crises Cascade and Converge, Testing Obama | Obama Administration to Unveil Stricter Fuel Regulations for Trains | Obama Pledges Justice in Visit to Dutch Embassy | White House to Tweak Birth Control Coverage Rule for Nonprofits

In Its Death Throes, For-Profit College Chain Spent Over $100,000 a Month on Lobbying

Montana Sen. John Walsh's thesis appears to plagiarize | Andrew Cuomo: the Richard M. Nixon of the Democratic Party? | Rick Perry's Defense Attorney Once Tried to Turn Him in to the FBI | Sarah Palin Ticketed for Speeding, Cracks a NASCAR Joke

Cruz Accuses Obama of Executing Secret Plot Against Israel

Analysis ►  We're Heading into a Jobless Future, No Matter What the Government Does | The Republicans' minimum wage class warfare

FAA Extends Travel Ban to Israel for Another 24 Hours | 2 Ukrainian jet fighters shot down in rebel-held region | MH17: US intelligence says Russia 'created conditions' for plane disaster | Analysis ►  Putin's Tipping Point? Remembering What Happened When the Soviets Shot Down a Plane | MH17: An Unintended Consequence | Former President Jimmy Carter: ‘Israeli Troops Should Withdraw from Gaza’ | Did Putin just bring Russia in from the cold? | Delta cancels all flights to Israel until further notice

Nominee for VA secretary commits to reform embattled agency | Veteran Says He Was Forgotten Inside VA Clinic

UN Rights Chief Warns of Israel-Gaza War Crimes

Norway warned of imminent security threat | Rudy Giuliani Still Pretending He Didn't Completely Botch the Response to 9-11

Think Tank ‘Analyst' to Tea Partiers: ‘Being Hung, Drawn, & Quartered Is Probably Too Good' for Obama | Tennessee Man Accused of Threatening to Kill Obama, Other Politicians | ‘Sovereign citizen’ must face charges, even if he is Crown Prince Emperor El Bey Bigbay Bagby | Conservative Scholar Disciplined for Suggesting Obama Be 'Hung, Drawn And Quartered'

Kerry Says U.S. Would Address Hamas Demands After Cease-Fire | Obama Sends Aide to Soothe German Allies | Turkish Prime Minister Acknowledges Strains with Obama | The U.S. Wasted $34 Million TryingTo Make Soybeans Happen in Afghanistan | Ukraine has not received Canadian aid promised months ago, ambassador says | Analysis ►  Would McCain or Romney Have Acted Differently from Obama Regarding Today's World Events? Absolutely Not. | Analysis ►  MH17: Cold War Replay?

France's Jews Flee as Rioters Burn Paris Shops, Attack Synagogue

US tracked missile that brought down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17

Watch this! ►  FBI Targets American Muslims in Abusive Counterterrorism "Sting Operations"

How the Halbig decision may help Democrats in November | Can the ideological perversions of two unapologetic far-right-wing activists on the District Circuit Court of Appeals lead to defunding Obamacare? | Analysis ►  Conservative judges are ganging up to steal your affordable healthcare | Supreme Court Allows Execution to Go Forward in Contentious First Amendment Case | Analysis ►  Dueling Rulings: After Health Law Rulings, Here Are Possible Next Steps | European Court Official: Defining One’s Own Sexuality Is a Right | Obama Judge Trolls Obamacare Opponents with Cheeky Pizza Analogy | Analysis ►  Health Policy Perspective: Rulings on Health Law Are Far from Last Word | 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds Obamacare tax credits | Analysis ►  Federals Appeals Court Delivers Serious Setback to Obama Health Care Law | Two Republican Judges Order Obamacare Defunded | Cruel and Unusual Punishment in Arizona

States That Slashed Their Prison Populations Have Seen Disproportionate Drops in Crime, Too | Preachers blister police at funeral of NY man who died after cops put him in chokehold | U.S. Crackdown on Human Trafficking Leads to 192 Arrests, Seizure of Over $625,000 in Illicit Profits | Analysis ►  A Lynching in Staten Island | California officer handcuffs and arrests man for filming ‘private cars’ from public sidewalk

David Gregory Hit with Yet More Gloomy Reports About 'Meet the Press' | Analysis ►  When GOP Hopeful Rudy Giuliani Earned $11 Million in Speaking Fees And D.C. Press Didn't Care | ‘True Blood’ plan to troll Republicans succeeds beautifully as Sarah Palin takes the bait | US editor fired for 'gaystapo' blog sues publisher for religious discrimination | Dozens of pro-China Twitter accounts outed by Free Tibet as fakes | The Summer of Nonsense: 2014 Features Glut of Shady Anti-Clinton Books | BooMan: I'm a Wretched Leftist Scumbag | CNBC Contributor: Time Warner Board Justified in Fighting Hostile Takeover By Murdoch Family

Dem Rep Tells CSPAN Viewer He Should Watch Less Fox News | Univision Anchor Tells O'Reilly Putting National Guard Along Border Is 'Absurd And Useless' | Right-Wing Media Pretend Religious Liberty Protects Anti-LGBT Employment Discrimination

Credit Suisse deep in red after US tax evasion fine hits quarterly profits | 3 new JP Morgan IT deaths include so-called “murder/suicide”

A Network Dedicated to Ending Gun Violence in Our Communities | Gun madness in Tennessee | Rifle-toting birthers at JFK murder site rebuke ‘foreigners’ and ‘sexually-charged’ women

Plagiarism Raises Ethical Alarm at Military School | Opinion ►  To Fight for Public Schools Is to Fight for Democracy

Onshore Wind Power Is Now Cheapest Form of New Electricity in Denmark

Analysis ►  GOP's anti-healthcare jubilee: Conservatives' gloating over Halbig reveals why the right's insular, fact-resistant world is so dangerous | Top Doctor Working to Contain Current Ebola Outbreak Is Now Infected with Ebola | Analysis ►  The libertarian legal game plan to repeal Obamacare is truly mind-boggling | Here's What Happened When One County Invested Millions in An Employee Wellness Program

Dem Lawmaker Slams Rick Perry National Guard Move as 'Nothing More Than a Publicity Stunt'

Air Algerie loses contact with plane over Africa

Analysis ►  Tackling Religious Freedom in the Workplace | Abortion Protesters Interrupt Church Service, Tell Pro-Choice Worshippers to ‘Repent’

Meet the Lawyer Who Decided to Battle Racism Outside of the Courtroom

Analysis ►  Women Are Underrepresented in Politics, But It's Not for the Reason You Think | Number of Texas Women Living 200 Miles from An Abortion Clinic Has Jumped By 2,800 Percent | Go Run! How to Close the Gender Gap in Politics by Encouraging Young Girls to Consider Careers in Public Service

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