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GOP’s new class of jokers: Meet the “rising stars” of the dumbest rebrand ever
Health insurance gains since last fall hit 12 million, survey shows
Court Declares That, Yes, Bloggers Are Media
Department of Interior Asked to Investigate ALEC Bills in Wake of Bundy Ranch Standoff
With Eyes on 2016 Prez Run, TX Gov. Rick Perry Is Mired in Scandal
North Dakota heartbeat abortion restriction struck down by federal judge

• The New Jersey Legislature panel investigating Bridgegate may compel Christie to talk
• Hillary Clinton Faces Challenge in Shaping Legacy for Campaign
• Non-Profit Goes to War with ABC News Over Pulitzer
• NYC Is Considering a $15 Minimum Wage
• Who are the Koch Brothers and What do They Want?
• Cliven Bundy, the John Birch Society, and Koch Industries: Yes, They Are Ideologically Tied Together
• New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez, in Her Own Words
Analysis ►  Rush Limbaugh's meltdown over Stephen Colbert's jump to Letterman's spot paints him as a host running on empty
• Boats 'N Hoes PAC Shut Down After Criticism of Its Name
• Gabrielle Giffords Pens Anti-Gun Column One Year After Senate Blocked Background Checks Bill
• U.S. Supreme Court Justice… Cory Booker?
• Even Fox News Can't Spin Favorable ACA CBO Report
• North Dakota Finds Itself Unprepared to Handle the Radioactive Burden of Its Fracking Boom
• Federal Reserve head Janet Yellen says US job market still needs help
• Democratic Congressman Wants Federal Investigation into ALEC-Backed Laws
• Jimmy Carter Urges Obama to Reject Keystone XL Pipeline
• Christie whitewash firm a big donor to political group headed by Christie
• Gov. Christie’s investment chief has major financial ties to firm that got $300M in NJ pension cash
Watch this! ►  Louisiana Democrat highlights independence from Obama in new ad
• Foul-Mouthed NM Gov. Susana Martinez (R-$#@*) Calls Opponent a 'B****,' Says She Won't Meet 'With Those F***ers'
• Anti-Obamacare States Are Falling Far Behind in Insuring People

NC-Sen: Tea Party candidate scrubs conspiracy website, then plagiarizes his positions on issues from Justin Amash | Even more far-right rhetoric from Mississippi Senate candidate Chris McDaniel | Analysis ►  “Awesome in its evilness”: How to make GOP pay for its Medicaid nightmare at the ballot box | Analysis ►  Is New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez the Next Sarah Palin? | Peter King: Rand Paul Would Be 'Disastrous' as President | Edwin Edwards, Ex-Con Former Governor, Raises $33,000 for Congressional Bid | Rand Paul’s surprising new enemies: Why GOP establishment wants him to get crushed

Why Has Obama's Approval Rating Among Latinos Fallen 20 Points Since Election Night? | Reuters: 'Americans increasingly prefer Democrats on health care'

GOP Candidate 'Shoots Down' a Drone in New Ad

Analysis ►  Republican Outrage at IRS Is All About Protecting Karl Rove, Dark Money, Dems Say | Alaska Super PAC Fixated on Local Cred Is Actually Funded Almost Entirely By D.C. Money | The Group Karl Rove Formed to Prevent More Todd Akins Is Broke | GOP Consultant Registers 'Boats 'N Hoes PAC' | Chris Christie update: Guv wants to scrap campaign donation limits

Joe Manchin backs law firm accused of concealing black lung medical evidence | Rep. Dennis Ross Tells Low-Income Constituent He Won't Support Raising Minimum Wage | Analysis ►  Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Goes Full John Bircher | Paul Ryan’s phony existential drama: How a P.R. stunt took on a life of its own | Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.): Raising the Minimum Wage Is 'Not Right'

Ron Paul Wants Tax-Exempt Status, But Doesn't Want to Obey the Rules

Jerry Brown Steps Up Efforts for Rainy Day Fund in Constitution | Brian Sandoval is first Republican governor to publicly seek renewal of unemployment compensation | Louisiana Lawmakers Vote to Keep Unconstitutional Law Banning Oral Sex on the Books | Analysis ►  Bill de Blasio’s Great Experiment

Sallie Mae Cheated Soldiers on Federal Student Loans, Probers Find | Analysis ►  Chris Christie's plausible BridgeGhazi deniability claim takes a hit

Arby’s worker challenges Florida Republican over minimum wage: ‘Take a walk in my shoes’ | CEO pay at top companies now 331 times that of average worker, 774 times that of minimum-wage worker

Pro-Russian militia members killed in attempt to storm Ukrainian military base | NATO to bolster forces in eastern Europe | Clashes Erupt Between Jordan, Syria | Kiev's grip on eastern Ukraine weakens as pro-Russians seize army vehicles

Spanish Court Refuses to Close Guantánamo Torture Investigation

Watch this! ►  Maddow: Why Aren't Domestic Terrorists Cause for Concern?

Analysis ►  More Teachers Need to Show Students How Dangerous White Supremacists Are

Analysis ►  Petraeus: Prospect of Final Nuclear Deal with Iran Is ‘Now Maybe Better Than 50/50′

Putin Tells NSA Leaker Snowden There’s No Mass Surveillance in Russia

How Phoenix Convicted a Transgender Woman for Walking Down the Street | Gitmo Judge Delays the 9/11 Trial That Should’ve Ended Years Ago | Court Upholds Original EPA Emission Standards for Air Pollutants | Lavabit loses contempt of court appeal over Edward Snowden encryption keys | Hacker 'Weev': 'Come Bring It, Federal Government' | Analysis ►  For the Roberts Court, Facts Are Malleable | U.S. Tribe Looks to International Court for Justice | 9/11 families claim FBI spying on Guantánamo legal team 'sabotage' | Analysis ►  Scalia’s gay nightmare arrives: How an Ohio ruling is driving haters crazy

Distinctively tattooed neo-Nazi identified as suspect in knife attack outside CA bar

Analysis ►  The myth of a liberal media is officially dead | Analysis ►  Nevada Journalists: Conservative Media Darling Rancher Is Clearly "Breaking the Law" | Bundy Ranch Supporters Eating Glenn Beck ALIVE for Not Supporting Armed Insurrection (Screenshots)

Fox News' demented poster boy

Arkansas voter ID law challenged in court by ACLU

Analysis ►  The Economy Is 11 Percent Bigger Thanks to Women’s Work

Koch Brothers Net Worth Tops $100 Billion as TV Warfare Escalates | Michael Lewis: 'Wall Street has gone insane'

Half of Americans Support Stricter Gun Laws, But Many Question Their Effectiveness | New Bloomberg-Backed Gun Safety Group Releases Chilling PSA Aimed at Parents

“A self-fulfilling conflict of interest”: Charter schools, testing mania, and Arne Duncan | The Education Being Provided to This Group of Students Is Absolutely 'Inadequate,' Says Study | Oklahoma school district OKs ‘Bible curriculum’ created by Hobby Lobby president

Oklahoma Will Charge Customers Who Install Their Own Solar Panels

E-Cigarettes: Worse Than Regular Cigarettes?

New York City Mayor Bringing Back Rental Assistance for the Homeless

Heartbleed’s grim lesson: America’s cybersecurity is a joke

Wholesome Christian Values: Lawsuit reveals teen was groomed as personal sex slave in the Duggar family’s movement

Westboro Baptist Church to picket funerals of JCC shooting victims | Missouri mayor agrees with some of the views of racist shooter

Anti-gay bigot Peter LaBarbera gets humiliated

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