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Secret Service Head Takes Responsibility in Breach
Many Missteps by Government in Assessment of ISIS Threat
Study on reproductive rights and domestic violence: Being denied an abortion “tethered women to violent men”
Supreme Court Blocks Order to Restore 7 Days of Voting in Ohio

• Kansas still has the worst secretary of state in the nation – and he just had another reeeally bad day
• Hillary Clinton to Raise Money for Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire
• Report: Ted Cruz Getting Ready to Run for President in 2016
• Homegrown terrorism remains biggest threat, DHS secretary Jeh Johnson says
• Kochs sent hundreds of thousands of fake voter registration mailings in North Carolina
• CA Gov. Jerry Brown signs phase-out of single-use plastic bags in stores
• The Explosive Debate Over a New Natural Gas Pipeline Through the Northeast
• Doctors And Hospitals Raking in Billions from Big Pharma, Huge Data Trove Reveals
• White House Intruder Was Tackled By Off-duty Secret Service Agent
• Warning to Democratic Candidates: the GOP Is Doctoring Your Wikipedia Pages
• CO-Sen: Cory Gardner Claims "Fetal Personhood" Bill He Cosponsored Doesn't Exist
• Bernie Sanders Goes There: 'We Need a Political Revolution in This Country'
• Secret Service chief vows 'unacceptable' intruder breach will not happen again
• Pro-Choice Group Calls Out Governors for Being ‘Obsessed’ with Abortion
• Key U.S. Senate races close, new round of polls says
• As election nears, control of Senate looks surprisingly uncertain
• Lawmakers seek answers from Secret Service over security lapses
Analysis ►  The “rubber stamp” SCOTUS: How corporations’ ugly myth became law
• For Secret Service Chief, Revelations Could Threaten Job
• White House Intruder Got Far into Building, Official Says

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Make Appeals to Social Conservatives | Scott Walker won't commit to serving his full term if re-elected | Eyeing 2016, Rand Paul Courts Young Voters | GOP Senate nominee in Colorado brings the spotlight back to his support for anti-abortion "personhood" legislation | Paula Overby, Transgender Woman, Will Run for Congress | Koch-Funded Advocacy Group Under Investigation for Misleading Voters | Joni Ernst insists that Iowa workers don't need a living wage | Lawsuit Could Scramble Kansas Senate Race.. Again | Whack Job Joni Ernst Flat-Out Lied About Supporting Personhood Amendment | Iowa Senate Candidate Joni Ernst Joins the ‘I Don’t Know the Science’ Chorus on Climate Change | Bernie Sanders: Longterm Democratic Strategy Is 'Pathetic' | Could there be a new America's Dumbest Congressman? Meet Wisconsin's Glenn Grothman | Report: George Pataki Gearing Up for 2016 | Analysis ►  Did the Democrats Learn Anything from the Alex Sink Disaster in Florida? | Paul Ryan Says: I Won't Run for President in 2016 If Mitt Romney Runs Again | Opinion ►  Are You Ready to Upgrade the U.S. Senate? Let's Start in Maine Where We Have a Clear Choice

PPP has the Louisiana Senate race close, but Republican Bill Cassidy has a small but steady lead

Lesbian Couple Featured in Arizona Dem's Ad Hitting Opponent Over Anti-LGBT Bill

Caught on Video: US Senator James Inhofe's Sociopathic Donors Paid to Shoot Pigeons

Top Presidential Candidate Says Anarchy May Force Cancelation of 2016 Election | Pat Buchanan: If a Cop Is Shot in Ferguson It Will Be Obama’s Fault

Analysis ►  Senator Alexander Needs to Read the NLRA | Congressman Defends Anti-LGBT Discrimination with Irrelevant Study | Paul Ryan Says He Disagrees with Ayn Rand's Philosophy (Yeah, Riiight…) | Congressman: Secret Service Should Install ADT Security at the White House | Analysis ►  The Method to Steve King's Madness | Analysis ►  Who Will Control the Senate? Will It Be Destructive Conservatives Working for the One Percent? | Analysis ►  If you thought House Republicans were crazy now, just wait

Limited Options for Beijing as Hong Kong Protests Grow | Everything You Need to Know About Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution

Analysis ►  THE SOUTH'S VICTIM COMPLEX | De Blasio’s Executive Order Will Expand Living Wage Law to Thousands More | You Know That Whole Holier Than Thou Republican Party? DOA in Pennsylvania | New York Gov. Announces Investments That Will Increase State’s Solar Capacity By 68 Percent | California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Nation's First Affirmative Consent Standard into Law

Secret service officers missed three chances to deter White House intruder | An ex-con (who thankfully had no malicious intent) was allowed to go an elevator with the President while he was carrying a gun | Analysis ►  Did the Secret Service Lie to the White House About Intruder?

ALEC to Google: We don't deny climate change. But why ignore all the benefits?

Request for Alaska National Guard sex abuse records denied | Sonny Reagan's efforts to get an independent investigation might do him more harm than good | Sonny Reagan's credibility teeters as his tune changes about Alabama prosecutor Matt Hart

Conservative Media's Khorasan Conspiracy: Obama Administration Invented Terror Cell to Hide Its Al Qaeda Roots | Alex Jones: Obama will unleash ISIS terrorists on U.S. so he can confiscate our guns!

D'oh!! Iraqi Air Force Reportedly Delivers Supplies to ISIS Militants By Accident | White House Exempts Syria Airstrikes from Tight Standards on Civilian Deaths | Airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria stir anger among rebels | Whack-A-Mole: Our Strategy for Permanent War

US bid for secret Guantánamo force-feeding hearings prompts cover-up fears

Analysis ►  Glenn Greenwald: Media Way Overhyped Khorasan Group Threat | Pennsylvania police find pipe bombs in woods during 'survivalist' manhunt

Six Lessons for Obama on How to Improve Relations with Cuba | Afghanistan to Sign U.S. Security Agreement, Adviser Says | Internationally acclaimed human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin marries an actor

Mystery over N. Korean leader Kim Jong-Eun fuels health rumors

Analysis ►  After all President Obama has done to rehab the reputations of the intelligence services and make them feel secure, this is how they treat him

The ‘Primary Source’ of NSA’s Spying Power Is a 33-Year-Old Executive Order By Ronald Reagan

Lawyer Suing to Save a GOP Senate Seat Bungles His Case in the Most Hilarious Way Possible | Analysis ►  Obamacare haters’ new plan: Trust that SCOTUS conservatives are mindless partisans | North Carolina judge: 'Why does the state of North Carolina not want people to vote?' | US judge denies 'enforceable right' to water and allows Detroit shutoffs | Analysis ►  Bizarre Trial Accuses Government of Illegally Bailing Out Giant Company | U.S. bankruptcy judge allows Detroit water shutoffs to continue

Eric Holder: New Encryption Systems 'Thwarting' Child Porn, Kidnapping Investigations | Grand jury to review another case involving Michael Brown shooter | Shake-Up at NYPD Oversight Board Ahead of Leadership Vote

Analysis ►  America's Fastest Growing Demographic Is Rarely Ever Mentioned on Sunday Shows | China Blocks Instagram as Hong Kong Protests Go Viral

Watching Fox News Addicts Viewers And Misinforms Them on Climate Change | Conservative Media Blames Rise of Islamic State on Long Debunked Claim That Obama "Missed" Intelligence Briefings | Hannity's Advocacy Reportedly "Lit Up" George Zimmerman's Defense Fund

Montana Lawmakers Push Voters to Suppress Their Own Voting Rights | Analysis ►  Replacing Eric Holder Without Displacing Voting Rights and Civil Rights

Reagan Set Up the Death of the Middle Class, But China Was the Clincher

Gun Range Owner Bans Muslims

CDC confirms 1st Ebola case diagnosed in US | Analysis ►  Why Is Our Health Care System Disconnected from What Matters to Patients? | The New Health Care: What We’re Learning About Drug Company Payments to Doctors | Little-Noticed Obamacare Provision Insuring Hundreds of Thousands of Kids in Red States | The One Time That the U.S. Had Universal Childcare | Mosquito Virus That Walloped Caribbean Spreads in U.S. | ABC News Doctor Says Ebola Crisis Is 'Most Devastating Outbreak' He's Ever Covered | Incest Should Be Legal, Experts Argue

Obama Administration Faces Immigration Deadline

It's not a religion problem it's a species problem | TN Teen Leaves Private Christian Academy After Disturbing Racist Bullying

Ron Paul's Confederate Sympathies Come Out of the Closet | 'This brings the best of religion and leaves the worst out': inside the atheist church hoping to take America by storm - video | Massachusetts Police Officer Busted with Racist, Pro-Rape Homophobic Facebook Page

Analysis ►  Growing Push to End a Decades-Old Policy That Denies Women Their Abortion Rights | National Review Contributor: 'Women Who Have Abortions Should Be Hanged'

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